Shhhh! You're in a library. A sacred hall of knowledge. We know you read everything online, but there is such a thing as a quiet place to read and seek out knowledge that doesn't require noise-cancelling headphones and a long battery life. So put down your smartphone, tablet, or computer and pick up a paperback. It won't bite, we think.

I Didn't Know It Was a Library

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By RainbowDude99

I Hate School Computers

school library memebase truancy story - 6154346496
By Unknown

There Are Some Things That Just Shouldn't Be Made

library oh god why 50 shades of grey - 6587929600
By Unknown

His Otherkin Spirit is Showing

teletubbies wtf library - 7359951616
By Unknown

This Isn't a Library

wtf FAIL gifs books library working out - 7138299392
By Unknown

Panda Librarian

library - 7000048384
Via Tastefully Offensive

He's Only the Champion of Cheating

Lance Armstrong books library fiction - 6991106304
By Unknown

Tetris to the Rescue!

troll library tetris - 6842089728
By L00kBH1ndYou


are you kidding me checkout poker face library - 6855675904
By Landfish100

I Love the Library!

me gusta true story library - 6940729088
By Camdaman513

Misguided Promethean

promethean halo library - 6908824576

My Library Has an Indoor Lawn. Your Argument Is Invalid

reading your argument is invalid library college - 6900860672
Via Neatorama

Best Nap Ever

studying expectations vs reality library truancy story - 6700441088
By Unknown

That's Helpful

library sign - 6665655808
By Unknown

Printing in the Library

fu guy facebook library printing truancy story - 6674646016
By Unknown
loud noise truancy story library noms food Video - 43110913

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