Shhhh! You're in a library. A sacred hall of knowledge. We know you read everything online, but there is such a thing as a quiet place to read and seek out knowledge that doesn't require noise-cancelling headphones and a long battery life. So put down your smartphone, tablet, or computer and pick up a paperback. It won't bite, we think.

interesting observations and secrets from a librarian | grumpwitch Things have learned about general public whilst working at library: 1 huge number people under 20 can't read face clocks, having grown up with only digital one. 2. Many people don't know spell "library s our email address. This causes problems

24 Fascinating Library Secrets Every Librarian Wants You To Know

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So True

Funny tweets about defending and protecting a stranger's stuff in the library, cat with gun | after strangers at the library ask me to watch their stuff w Chisom @Chissypop I'd throw hands if a stranger touched my strangers stuff
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17 Library Memes For When You're Feelin' A Little Checked Out

17 Library Memes For When You're Feelin' A Little Checked Out

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Funny meme about multitasking
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Oh Thank God

Funny headline about cat being fired and then rehired at library after the internet protested the firing.
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Use Your Library Voice

Job interview funny meme - interviewer is hiring at the library and the candidate says shhh and gets the job.
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I Wish This Sassy Book Drop Was at My Local Library

funny library book drop
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Librarian Peeve

rocks library - 8584547840
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Look at the shape of that monitor!

herp derp you dont say true story library - 8552452352
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The Little Laptop That Could

facebook noise library - 7016504320
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trolltube library Video - 70855425

Hey, You Mind if I Eat These Pop Rocks Here?

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No Way

library Rage Comics raisin face truancy story - 6331767808
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You Can't Hide From the Librarian

work library sick librarian - 8452681472
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My Baby is Confusing

baby troll baby parenting library crying - 8445167360
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Can I Also Interest You in Polaroids of Jesus?

question homework timeline library genius - 8424805888
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The Legend of Zelda: Library Card of Knowledge

the legend of zelda library knowledge zelda web comics - 8419388160
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