funny tweets, funny twitter, scandal, hilaria baldwin, alec baldwin, grifting, liars, yikes, wtf, embarrassing, funny, lol, identity, cringe, white people, fail | O save elena ilana alana alina elana (not) @lenibriscoe You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin's commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person | Molly Lambert @mollylambert the beauty of the Hilaria Baldwin is we all know a boring American girl who decided she was actually "European" |

33 Funniest Twitter Takes On The Hilaria (Hillary) Baldwin Scandal

Twitter exploded with jokes after Baldwin admitted she was born in Boston
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Lying liars from quit your bullshit, reddit | lol never vaccinated and never got sick. Didn't stop becoming marine Imao. Here comes hate comments. Quit bullshit buddy US military forces get every single vaccine. Marine my ass.

12 Shameless Bullshitters That Got The Callouts They Deserved

Got 'em.
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Funny pictures where liars got called out

26 Times Liars Were Tattled On, Proving That Nothing Is Real

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Twitter thread about a teen couple that claim they bought a house

Teen Couple Claim They Bought A House And Twitter Doesn't Buy It For One Second

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Caught Red-Handed

Woman tweets that her son said something very profound, someone replies that there's no way he said that, and proves it with a Wikipedia screenshot that calls her a liar on social media
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sex liars sexy times Sad cringe facepalm - 5456901

18 Dumb Liars Who Are Definitely Not Getting Laid

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Well, When You Put it That Way...

web comics two kinds of people liars Well, When You Put it That Way...
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Devons Are All Douches

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Wolf Attacks Are No Joke

liars web comics wolves - 8163631616
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What a Bunch of Jerks

funny mean sign liars - 8007818496
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You Can Never Trust Weight Loss Commercials

liars Memes commercials studies - 7788244992
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greenland Iceland jerks liars vikings - 4733905152
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janitor liars reality Sad - 6356781312
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It's Not ACTUALLY Good Television!

ABC i lied liars Rage Comics television worst - 4969754112
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Philosoraptor: This Statement Is False

honesty liars philosoraptor truth - 4634697472
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You Heard It Here First, Folks. Now, Spread the Rumor!

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