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Outlandish Lies From Overconfident Deceivers

Londoner Joel Golby is fascinated with a very specific concept. He believes there is a kind of “character” who plagues small towns. And the character in question is a pathological liar. While I didn't grow up in a small town, it can definitely be alarming to witness people confidently flaunt untruths. There was the girl in my elementary school who announced that she went on a date with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over summer vacation. And, of course, I cannot forget the kid who was pen pals with The…
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Deceitful Customer Tries to Cancel Generous Tip When Date Isn't Looking, Server Brutally Exposes Him

When I was a bartender, customers would often rack up huge tabs over several hours, ordering martinis at the busiest moments and shots for everyone at the bar minutes before closing. The most ostentatious customers were usually the ones who would ditch the bar without closing their tabs, and 90% of the time, those cards would decline. It's a risky scam, but people who work in the service industry know better than most that customers can be shockingly audacious. As much as we wish we could expos…
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Funny liars on the internet

Very Stupid People Who Had Very Fake 'Accidents'

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Dumb People Getting Called Out For Being Phonies

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Dubious Posts Nominated for the 'Didn't Happen of the Year Awards'

If you're into r/thathappened, we'd like to introduce you to Didn't Happen to the Year Awards, a very amusing Twitter account that exposes people who tried to pass off their far-fetched tall tales as true stories. If you ever see a tweet that starts with 'my 4 year old said...' be very, very dubious. Take a look at some of the funny and cringe posts we collected from @_dhotya
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Egregious Liars Who Were Called Out For Their Crap

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15+ Self-Proclaimed Geniuses Who Have Nothing to be Smug About

Dunning-Kruger in full effect
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20+ People Who Were 'Just Kidding' and 'Totally Didn't Mean To'

Oopsies! Didn't mean to send that.
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cringe, sad, cringeworthy, screenshots, sad cringe, memes, social media cringe, facebook, reddit, yikes, funny pics, funny, reply guy, brony, liars | This guy on Grindr said he'd pay 200 talk him about my farts so just spent last 2 hours going depth about every aspects my farts only him block at end | So is anyone coming or no? beer pong red cups

Sad & Cringey Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

Embarrassing stuff
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Funny and sassy times that restaurant owners responded to reviews.

15+ Sassy Times Owners Responded to Restaurant Reviews

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Dylan Park Tells Insane Story About Fake Marine Who Conned Her Way Into the Writers Room

Stolen valor taken to the next level
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liars, cringe, fail, quit your bullshit, fail, bullshit, reddit, stupid people, twitter, lies, fake news, funny, memes, funny reviews | Here's paw under an X-Ray didnt know needed see this. These are x-ray's cat paws not | soldiers never owned slaves and had almost nothing do with north did not need start war slaughtered hundreds thousands teenagers US is only place ended slavery with war. Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, also ended slavery war Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.

Total Liars Who Were Called Out For Their BS

These deceivers got what they deserved
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Cringey Lies From the Attention-Seekers of the Internet

Come ON.
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Satisfying Times Liars Were Called Out For Their Shameless BS

The internet is full of liars
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Blatant liars who got called out on social media for their bullshit, funny, owned, fail | temperature those stores is atrocious. There is no air circulation whatsoever. No way hell can anybody be there with mask on 05 3h Like Reply Funny am an old lady with asthma and can wear one stores with no problem. Yeah gets little hot sometimes. But would rather be little uncomfortable than end up with tube shoved down my throat, or make another sick. Funny short old women can wear mask and leave her home

20 Satisfying Times Liars Got Called Out For Their BS

Got 'em.
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fake yikes, made up stories, liars, cringe, the internets, reddit, facebook, cringeworthy, stories, stupid people, funny, quit your bullshit | BEATLES 12h My 3 year old son wearing Beatles shirt at playgroup another mom came up and asked condescendingly do even know who Beatles are He replied uh, yeah, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Star and Paul McCartney Zing! | STORY TIME so today Starbucks and gave my name as Hermione Granger and then they called my drink handsome boy staring at and

Outrageous Social Media Anecdotes That Are Hard To Believe

True stories that totally 100% happened
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