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Legend of Zelda Memes With Zero Tears of the Kingdom Spoilers

Every gamer I know has been playing (or talking about) The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The game, which was released on May 12, 2023, has received mostly positive ratings from critics and regulah degulah gamers. My friends have been gushing about the game's expansive nature, and have unabashedly bailed on hanging with me in favor of spending some more hours with their new favorite game. As someone who isn't necessarily a huge fan of Zelda , I'm happy for them, but I don't feel compell…
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Video: 'The Legend Of Beavis' Is A Perfect Mashup

Featuring Beavis as Link
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Sixteen Zelda Memes For The Gaming Enthusiasts

"Grumble, grumble"
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Funny tweets, silly tweets, tweets that will fix your boredom.

20 Moderately Entertaining Tweets Guaranteed To Waste Your Time

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28 Gaming Memes For The Geeks And Nerds

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28 Funny Pics For All The Nintendo Lovers

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Chill AF

Caption that reads, "Naming Link 'My Dude' turns everyone you meet into a very chill bro" above stills of different characters from the game calling Link 'My Dude'
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Funny gaming memes and comics.

32 Supremely Geeky Gaming Memes & Comics

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Funny McDonald's alignment charts.

These McDonald's Alignment Charts Apply To Every Fandom Ever

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Collection of funny memes and pics about video games, gaming, pokemon, legend of zelda.

18 Funny Memes And Pics All Gamers Will Appreciate

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11 Lovely Comics About the Legend of Zelda

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Link, Protector of Hyrule

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Get Your Friday Going With These Legend of Zelda Comics

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Seems legit.

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Since Her Reveal, Zelda's New Look Has Been a Hot Topic and Inspiring Some Amazing Fan Art

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