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Would Definitely Buy

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Watch the Sneak Peek for the Legend of Zelda Hong Kong Crime Drama That Launches Tomorrow

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But Actually, Who Designed The Voldemort-Headed Chicken Dungeon Guide Ooccoo?

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If Link Had Parents, He Would Never Have Become the Hero of Time

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An Empty Jar Holds the Deepest of Disappointments

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Damn Straight!

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Something Smells Really Fishy

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Wolf Tunes

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It Could be Worse

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The Legend of Zelda: Breaking of Physics

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Visit Google Maps Today for a Legend of Zelda Easter Egg

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This Cosplay is the Legend of Zelda Come to Life

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Can You Believe Zelda Has Been Around for 30 Years and People Still Think Link is Zelda?

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This Marriage Proposal Using Legend of Zelda Will Warm Even the Hardest Gamer Heart

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Link REALLY Needs to Lay Off the Blue Potion

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