Adults on TikTok try a technique for babies to make them fart

Adults On TikTok Are Using This Baby Farting Trick On Themselves and It's Actually Working

If you're feeling gassy and need a laugh, this works miracles.
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vine villains laugh - 75550977

Every Villain Needs a Signature Laugh

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What's So Funny?

wtf laugh soldiers funny - 7653349376
By Unknown

It's Good to Have a Little Laugh During All These Star Wars

wtf star wars gifs laugh funny - 7485861632
Via B3TA

At Least I Think I'm Funny

laugh joke Pie Chart - 5237713152
By Unknown

Seriously Bro, I'll Help You Look

broke laugh robbery - 7101816320
By Unknown

Replotted: Actual Time Spent While Cuddling

replotted laugh relationships fart Pie Chart - 6840201728
By myheadhurts001

Overcompensation Takes Many Forms

worth it seriously point laugh muscles - 6661457408
By jtcaseley1

He Can't Say No to a Cat Video

gifs Cats Caturday joe biden debate reaction laugh - 6664108544
By _C_A_T_ (Via Buzzfeed)

Those Are Some Gnarly Riffs

gifs high joe biden laugh politics debate celeb - 6665707776
By Unknown

Every. F*cking. Time.

brain joke laugh school scumbag brain teaching - 6620568320
By jtcaseley1

They Just Have a Really Weird Sense of Humor

angela merkel Breaking News german laugh - 6338389248
See all captions By Kordux

When You Realize You're Not in as Much Pain as You Thought

blooper celeb FAIL gifs laugh loki pain shock - 6529741056
By Unknown


hilarious laugh rude wtf - 5910354176
By xyzpdq1


clown cry hilarious laugh - 5713006848
By Pete1146

Socially Awkward Penguin: No One Else Laughed? I Don't Believe It

accent asian election laugh socially awkward penguin - 5644951808
See all captions By thebaldone1978
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