A compilation of memes about teachers teaching and students

Teacher Memes For Burnt Out Instructors

Teachers are some of the most harshly criticized groups of professionals out there. Everyone has their own idea about how teachers should do their job, but so few of them could do even half of what teachers do every day. So many parents expect teachers to be able to fix everything that's wrong with their bad kids and try to place the blame anywhere but on themselves. All of this criticism can get exhausting. At most jobs, employees only have a couple of supervisors, but teachers have administra…
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twitter thread with cat puns and animal puns | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cat Damon @CornOnTheGoblin ... [telling a joke to a classroom] what does a cowboy cat say? kindergartener: kitty up [about to say meowdy] meo- what the f ck did you just say 5:01 AM - Aug 11, 2022 - Twitter for Android 11.4K Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 112.8K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Kindergartener Outwits Teacher With Purrfect Cat Pun Plus Other Animal Puns

Rightfully stumped.
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A compilation of memes about teachers, teaching, school and students

Teacher Memes For Educational Professionals

Well… back to school season is officially over. The novelty of new classes and the burgeoning fall semester has more than wore off, and teachers and students are finally back at the old grind. If you are a teacher, you've probably got an idea of how the rest of the school year is going to go down. Or do you? You might think you've got a pretty solid read on your new classes, but who knows! There's a lot of days in between now and June. This school year hold so many possibilities. But then again…
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kids, parenting, kindergarten, sandwich, lunch, criticism, mom, funny, tiktok, cute

Kindergartener Trashes Mom for Sandwich Making Skills, Wins Hearts on the Internet

On his first day too
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Kindergarten Teachers Get Spooked When They Hear Scratching Sounds from a Backpack, Find a Live Turtle

Kindergarten Teachers Get Spooked When They Hear Scratching Sounds from a Backpack, Find a Live Turtle

There are a lot of things you expect to find in a child's backpack, this is not usually one of them.
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Cool video of teacher remixing korn coming undone to teach his students the alphabet

Teacher Remixes Korn's 'Coming Undone' To Teach Students The Alphabet

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Just Stab Me In The Heart Why Don't You

Funny meme that reads, "What it feels like when my mom finally takes down my macaroni art from kindergarten" above a photo of a teacher erasing a masterpiece chalk drawing from a whiteboard
Via FrozenWasteland

Dads Say The Darnedest Things

Funny tweet that reads, "No one: ... My dad: Why don't you hang out with that friend from kindergarten anymore"
Via abaytay

Is This Real

Caption that reads, "I'm sure this sculpture is supposed to be a statement on consumer culture or something, but all I can see if Jesus and Lenin trying REALLY HARD to make this whole co-parenting thing work as they take Mickey to his first day Kindergarten" above a pic of a statue of Lenin, Mickey Mouse and Jesus all holding hands
Via somethingNH

The Song Of My People

Caption that reads, "ABCDEFGHIJK" above a still of a kids' cartoon character singing, "Ella mella pee"
Via Justicerainsfrommybutt

Lol Idiot

Caption that reads, "STEM major: What are you learning in school? Kindergartner: Shapes and colors; STEM major: LMAO good luck getting a job with that" above a stock photo of a mom talking to her son
Via JALization

Too Real

Funny meme about kids drawings
Via Aidens-mommy

The Chosen One

Funny meme about being chosen for line leader kindergarten.
Via cabbagecatmemes

2 girls 1 cup kindergarten memories Pie Chart - 4131658496
Created by thelolbringer

Tomato, Tomahto

kindergarten singing church funny - 8329085952
Created by Unknown

Kindergarten Letter Rage

letters kindergarten writing - 8242552320
Created by ItsMarie
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