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25+ Dinosaur Memes For Paleontologists And 'Land Before Time' Fans Alike

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25 Jurassic Park Memes for Dinosaur Devotees

The day I found out that Michael Crichton's “ Jurassic Park ” was an optional reading for a project in my honors biology class was one of the only times the public school science curriculum sent me over the moon. It was later that day that I learned the hard lesson of just how different movie adaptations can be to their source material. I grew up like a lot of children; enamored with the concept of dinosaurs. In the same way that monster trucks appeal to children, the awe-inspiring massiveness…
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Dinosaur Memes for Jurassic Jokers

What's the coolest dinosaur of all time? The top three that I've always heard people say are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, and Velociraptor. Sure, all pretty good picks. T. Rexes are massive and funny looking. Velociraptors are fast and cool. Pterodactyls are the ones that can fly. Those three are definitely the most represented within dinosaur-affiliated media, but I have a dark horse candidate for the coolest of the animals: supersaurus (AKA the massive dinosaurs with the ridiculously long…
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A compilation of memes about Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Memes For Dinosaur Fiends

Cue that John Williams score
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A compilation of random memes.

Gut-Busting Memes For Those With An Intact Gut

Let's be honest. You need a laugh; I need a laugh. We all need to laugh a little bit more. We can't keep rewatching the same three seasons of Strangers With Candy until we die to get the last few giggles out of our usually unamused husks of bodies. Laughter is a force of healing, and if we don't do it enough, we're going to shrivel up and die. There are only so many 22-minute comedies you can consume in one day, especially if you are a person of the employed persuasion. Those 22-minute comedies…
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A compilation of random memes and tweets.

A Cluster of Compelling Memes

Twitter is one of the most fascinating websites on the internet. As those wiser than I have already pointed out, it is the only social media platform where nobody can escape from being roasted, humiliated, or metaphorically tarred and feathered by the masses. Explaining the day-to-day shenanigans of Twitter to someone who has never regularly used it might feel like you're speaking in indistinguishable gibber jabber. The discourse upon discourse can sometimes be too much for people, and I don't…
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It's RAW!

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funny tweets from jurassic park updates | Jurassic Park Updates @JurassicPark2go JURASSIC PARK have decided cancel today's dinosaur talent show after every single dinosaur wrote down "unthinkable chaos" as their talent

Twenty-Four Gems From 'Jurassic Park Updates'

Twitter gold.
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Funny Jeff Goldblum memes entitled, "You Did It, The Crazy Son Of A Bitch, You Did It"

Thirteen Of Our Favorite Classic 'You Did It' Jeff Goldblum Memes

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Funny memes about Jeff Goldblum

Sixteen Jeff Goldblum Nuggets In Honor Of The Suave Dude Himself

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Jeff Goldblum, Ladies And Gentlemen

Funny Snapchat meme about Jeff Goldblum and Area 51
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37 Amusing Memes That Need No Rhyme Or Reason

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35 Rando Memes To Give You A Heckin' Hearty Laugh

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funny dinosaur memes to make boredom go extinct

16 Dinosaur Memes That'll Make Your Boredom Go Extinct

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Funny animal posts on tumblr

29 Funny Tumblr Posts In Praise Of Animals

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Don't Talk To Me

Photo of Rex from Toy Story and a T-Rex below it with the caption, "Me arrive at work willing to be a better person; me one hour later"
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