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It's RAW!

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funny tweets from jurassic park updates | Jurassic Park Updates @JurassicPark2go JURASSIC PARK have decided cancel today's dinosaur talent show after every single dinosaur wrote down "unthinkable chaos" as their talent

Twenty-Four Gems From 'Jurassic Park Updates'

Twitter gold.
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Funny Jeff Goldblum memes entitled, "You Did It, The Crazy Son Of A Bitch, You Did It"

Thirteen Of Our Favorite Classic 'You Did It' Jeff Goldblum Memes

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Funny memes about Jeff Goldblum

Sixteen Jeff Goldblum Nuggets In Honor Of The Suave Dude Himself

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Jeff Goldblum, Ladies And Gentlemen

Funny Snapchat meme about Jeff Goldblum and Area 51
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amusing memes, funny memes, stupid memes

37 Amusing Memes That Need No Rhyme Or Reason

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cover image of funny random memes

35 Rando Memes To Give You A Heckin' Hearty Laugh

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funny dinosaur memes to make boredom go extinct

16 Dinosaur Memes That'll Make Your Boredom Go Extinct

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Funny animal posts on tumblr

29 Funny Tumblr Posts In Praise Of Animals

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Don't Talk To Me

Photo of Rex from Toy Story and a T-Rex below it with the caption, "Me arrive at work willing to be a better person; me one hour later"
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the lion king jurassic world weird facts the matrix disney toy story disney movies star wars Hercules jurassic park Spider-Man fight club - 5708549

22 Obscure Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Would Go

Funny meme about an idea to open a 90's themed bowling alley called Memory Lanes, featuring artwork from Jurassic Park, Fight Club and the witches.
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jurassic park Video - 83556609

Oh, Westworld Is Basically Jurassic Park

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video games jurassic park Video - 82028801

No Man's Sky Truly Is a Video Game Full of Surprises

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jurassic park video games Video - 81280513

This Was the Reward for Finishing the 1997 Jurassic Park Game

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costume jurassic park Video t rex - 80542209

The Paint Job on This Car Tends to Attract Dinosaurs... For Some Reason

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