Jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Bungie your way through your day with these buoying memes and jokes that will have you leaping up for joy. Don't confine yourself to a chair all day, give yourself a break and shake it off and jump all around with these hopping memes puns and jokes.

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Groom Tries To Make A Big Entrance At Wedding, Fails Dramatically

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I Dunno, Looks Pretty Realistic To Me...

Caption that reads, "It's fine Bethany, we can retouch don't have to jump" above a photo of a wedding party jumping, and one girl photoshopped to be jumping much higher than the rest
Via ARegularOldPlumbus

The Magic Touch

gif of man touching a kitten and startling it
Via tumblr

Mikhail Baryshnikat.

dancing gifs Cats jumping - 8571913728
Created by Philippa2

This Tiny Robot Uses Its Tail to Jump High

epic gifs robots science funny win jumping - 7740734976

The True Trust Game

Via Bing

Aliens Get Messed Up Too

Aliens gifs critters jumping - 8565252608

Who Wants A Treat?

pets gifs sad but true critters jumping - 8561561344
Created by ToolBee

Dog Pounces on Woman in The Pool

dogs gifs pools jumping - 8549791488

Guys, The Stock Market Will Recover

yikes diving gifs jumping - 8547488768
Created by sebenty

Some People Can't Jump Well

Via Shozabred

This Feather Needs To Get Pounced On

gifs feathers Cats jumping - 8538950656

The Video Game Experience

Via Gun Show Comic


dedication hilarious jumping work wtf - 6131275776
Created by fareon

Sometimes You Win

FAIL gifs Subway jumping - 8517862912

Keep on Trying

wtf FAIL gifs jumping - 8509158400
Created by anselmbe
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