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People Reflect On The Dumb Generational Differences Between Attitudes To Work

Instead of reading this, get a job
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Employee Gets Told They Can’t Quit On Friday, Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands

Leaving in style
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Subway Worker Prompts Debate After Complaining About Having To Bake Cookies

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Horrifying Workplace Bathroom Break Policy Prompts Outrage

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Employee Gets Slammed For Saving On Expenses, Decides To Live Large On The Company Dime

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Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss' Absurd Productivity Metric

Many working from home have clever methods to keep them from appearing 'idle'
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Disgruntled Worker Quits Retail Job, Calls Out Management On Store Intercom

The definition of a mic drop
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Workplace Mishap Leads To Entertaining Thread On The Perils Of Being A Server

Zero to one hundred real quick
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Target Chat Agent Gets Real With Customer, People Relate

Sucks to be him
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Woman Gets Passed Up For Job Because Of Her Voicemail

How is this fair?
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Redditor Ignites Debate After Admitting To Time Theft At Work

It's not foolproof
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Recruiter Faces Backlash For Lowballing Unsuspecting Job Candidate

Bad hiring practice 101
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Woman Gets Catfished By Her Own Boss

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Redditor Gets Hailed As A Hero After Fully Automating Job

Wait until you realize how much they get paid.
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Corporate Slacker Confession Starts Debate On Usefulness Of White Collar Jobs

Sounds like the life.
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Ex-service industry tell all on TikTok about toxic work places

"Customers Suck, but it's Exponentially Worse When It's Your Boss:" TikTok Reveals Toxic Workplaces Within the Service Industry and Sparks Controversy

Imagine if Karen was your boss.
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