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Insufferable Designer Put In His Place For Belittling Junior Coworker

So patronizing
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (December 19, 2022)

Hang in there
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Reddit story about a rude recruiter trying to schedule job interview during Christmastime

Rude Recruiter Tries To Schedule Job Interview During Christmastime

If there is one thing workers must be, it's protective of their time. If you're not, people will surely take advantage of it. Unfortunately, everybody is on different pages regarding what is normal to ask of someone. Is it normal for somebody to arrive to work an hour early and leave an hour late? Is it normal to only work during allotted hours and make no exceptions? What about being available at all times? Nobody knows! It's a weird game of 3D Chess that none of us are winning. This time of t…
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A Reddit thread about the worst holiday Christmas gifts workers had ever been given

Workers Discuss The Worst Christmas Presents Their Company Ever Gave Them

From the time we were little, we were taught to be grateful for whatever gifts we were given during the holidays. Parents coach their children to say thank you no matter what present they get because doing anything else would be most unkind. However, as you grow up, you realize that some gifts are actually an insult. The mean girl in middle school didn't give you a Lady Speed Stick out of the kindness of her heart. Likewise, sometimes companies give gifts that are far more insulting than they a…
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (December 12, 2022)

Can it be Christmas already?
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A Reddit discussion about the benefits of working from the office versus working from home

Workers Discuss The Benefits of Working in an Office Versus Working From Home

To work in the office or work at home? That question has plagued us during the plague years, and its answer is more complex than you'd think. Many assume that everyone wants to work from home, and those who don't are part of a tiny minority, which is not necessarily the case. Before the pandemic, I could not get any work done unless I was out of the house. There was something that activated in my brain when I went into a library or office that could get me to achieve unparalleled levels of prod…
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TikTok about a cruel manager who fires tech employee in an unbelievably uncouth fashion

Cruel Manager Fires Tech Employee in an Unbelievably Uncouth Manner

I do not envy anyone who has to fire others. Letting somebody down easy is a skill I simply don't have. Every time I've broken up with someone, I have done it clunkily and a bit insensitively, which is really not ideal for delivering bad news . You need to tell the other person what's happening directly, but not too directly. You need to be empathetic first and informative second. You need to make sure they cry after you fire them instead of when they're in the room with you. It's a tricky bala…
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (December 5, 2022)

Nose to the grindstone
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Company Taken Down on Twitter For Cold Reaction To Employee’s Death

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A compilation of memes about law and lawyers

Lawyer Memes For Real Life Elle Woods

Do you ever see somebody in your life going to law school and get genuinely worried that they're only doing it because they were inspired by Legally Blonde ? This has happened to me a non-zero number of times. I don't have these concerns because I don't think blonde women are capable of mastering the legal profession. However, after one too many Elle Woods quotes posted on their Instagram story while studying for the LSATs, I got a little concerned. Being a lawyer is really difficult. It's not…
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People Debate the Dubious Usefulness of Cover Letters

250 words of nothing
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Baristas Gripe About the Dumbest Things That Customers Get Mad At

Just a coffee please
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A compilation of random and funny memes.

Memes That Might Be An Acquired Taste

Not all memes are for everybody. They're much like stinky french cheese at a viciously overpriced grocery store. You might smell one and initially think, “Wow, this smells like battery acid. What an unpleasant thing to put in my mouth or near my brain.” However
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A story about a Boss Accidentally CCing his Employee on Email Discussing Her Imminent Termination

Boss Accidentally CCs Employee on Email Discussing Her Imminent Termination

Everyone gets some sick satisfaction from overhearing someone talking smack about you, especially someone you've been suspicious about from the jump. When someone talks about you behind their back, they have all the power. However, when you overhear the sh*t talking, you get some of the power back and are at least able to defend yourself against their claims about you. This Uno Reverse Card puts the sh*t-talker in an awkward position because you were never really supposed to know what they felt…
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Story about a rude manager who rudely pressures employee to eat lunch with their coworkers

Manager Rudely Pressures Employee To Eat Lunch With Their Coworkers

Remember the days when finding the right place to eat lunch in the cafeteria was the most high-stake decision you could make? When you're in school, it really is critical to find a group and stick with them during your 45 minutes of freedom. If you don't have a group you can tolerate eating with every day, you might end up eating lunch in the stairwell, which I definitely did not do during my sophomore year of high school. Luckily, eating lunch alone is a lot less of a big deal when you're an a…
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The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (November 28, 2022)

The grind
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