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Woman Applies For Job In Beauty Boutique, Outs The Owner After They Accidentally Send Her Insulting Email

There are few parts of life that suck more than job searching. As if finessing your resume and prepping for endless rejections wasn't torture enough, you have to submit yourself to the judgment of managerial jerks who decide whether you get to pay rent this month or not. 

In a TikTok posted on Thursday, Gracie Lorincz explained how she had applied to be a brand representative for Ava Lane Boutique and had been accidentally cc'd into an email from the company's VP, Chuck DeGrendel. In it, he questions if his colleague is sure he should interview her as she is "not that cute". 

Her outing of the unflattering interaction soon went viral, leading to people bombarding their Instagram and Google Play with negative comments and reviews. It led to a tearful public apology from DeGrendel on Facebook Live, where he claimed his family's contact details had been shared and that they had even received death threats. 

Although it's not illegal to discriminate against a job applicant based on their perceived attractiveness, it definitely leaves a bad taste to think that employers can choose to be this shallow. However, such a dramatic mass response probably wasn't that helpful for how Lorincz felt about herself, or encouraging Ava Lane to change their hiring practices. Social media is a powerful tool for change, but sometimes that change doesn't happen in the most productive of ways.

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