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Everybody's Writing a Christmas Carol and I'm Just Sitting Here...

hay Spider-Man jingle memes - 6880217088
By IndigoRush101

I'd Never Remember to Buy Them Myself

socks jingle memes Confession Bear - 6880593408
See all captions By Unknown

Every Dang Year

christmas jingle memes - 6868120320
By 19Zoey88

"My, Those Are Some... Interesting Decorations You Have There..."

that looks naughty jingle memes christmas lights holidays - 6876503296
By 19Zoey88

Always Look on the Bright Side

christmas presents jingle memes - 6834469120
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Only If We Survive the Apocalypse

brace yourself jingle memes new year holidays - 6875231232
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Happy Lollidays

forever alone jingle memes Christmas Carols - 6875107328
By Engiype

You Will Know Misery This Christmas

jingle memes Grumpy Cat christmas Memes tard Cats - 6866623232
By Unknown

Say NO to No-Bake Cookies!

jingle memes paula deen cookies - 6865189632
By yarito

Tis the Season to Get Tangled

jingle memes christmas lights headphones - 6866622208
By Unknown

Be Thankful and Merry

jingle memes coal Good Guy Greg - 6858925312
See all captions By hattmowell

If You Know What I Mean

christmas jingle memes - 6859710720
By GeneralLlamaSauce

I'm Riding Dirty Alright

jingle memes ridin dirty Grumpy Cat - 6854482176
By Unknown

My Lone Trip to the Mall Was Worth It!

forever alone jingle memes - 6859945984
By Lathou

Hand Crafted by Elves, They Said

gifts jingle memes santa holidays - 6854467584
By Unknown

Frosty the FUUUUman

rage faces jingle memes winter snowman - 6850987776
By 19Zoey88