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I Pledge to Diet and Exercise, Right After Tonight

new years resolutions new years brace yourself jingle memes - 6923632384
See all captions By Harvey_Birdman

But This Was My Last Piece!

wrapping paper are you kidding me jingle memes - 6919588352
By youri123

Can't Tell If Old, or Just Not Enough Room

jingle memes christmas card Futurama Fry - 6920136704
By AndysLife

Kill It! Kill It With Fire!

christmas jingle memes - 6918986496
By ThatRandomZombie

Maybe Karate Lessons Were a Mistake

christmas jingle memes - 6920442368
By Unknown

It's a Couple of Dates!

forever alone jingle memes movies - 6917131008
See all captions By Unknown

Next Year Everyone is Getting a Gift Card

christmas jingle memes - 6918534656
See all captions By Unknown

Tree Times Tree is...

yo dawg jingle memes christmas trees - 6908837888
By capulet2kx

Santa's "Comin'" to Town!

that looks naughty jingle memes santa claus - 6915326208
By Unknown

Can't Tell if Naughty List or Just Naughty

jingle memes facebook santa - 6916215552
By Unknown


toys jingle memes Y U No Guy - 6915442176
By infinityathand

Merry Mememas, Memebase!

grammar Hey jingle memes - 6888740352
By Unknown

What a Creeper!

baby jingle memes santa claus - 6915555328
By LuxArumque

I Ain't Gettin' the Electricity Bill for That

aint-nobody-got-time jingle memes christmas lights - 6906523648
By Unknown

Memebase Christmas Party

jingle memes christmas card gangnam style Grumpy Cat rainbow dash - 6915811584
By TheMedicated

Next Song, Memesters!

Deck the Halls jingle memes Grumpy Cat - 6909852416
By cjmeirick
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