Ghostbuster Does Flip Off Cop Car, Goes Directly To Jail

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Facebook = Jail

jail facebook - 6713508608
Created by WillTreaty

Puppy Resists Arrest

gifs puppy Sundog jail lol critters - 6628710912
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The Food Here Sucks

jail sir pizza Rage Comics - 6291097600
Created by MELODlE

Jail Bait

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With Free Room and Board Like That, Who Would Ever Leave?

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Created by Ben

Art of Trolling: And Then the Big Man Told Daddy to GET ON THE GROUND

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I'm Imprisoned for Your Sins

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Yo Jailbird

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He Must Be in Prison Often Since His Voice Ain't Ever Free

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Go Directly to Jail!

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Turn 'Em Loose

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Created by walrusattackmode
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The Moment a Lot of You Have Been Waiting For

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Can't Tell If Trolling or Lonely In the Slammer

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Get pulled over Try to give cop Get Out of Jail Free card

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