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15 Gypsy Rose Blanchard Release Tweets For Everyone Screaming 'Mother' And 'Don't Call Her Mother'

Hits too close to home
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Grown Man Calls Police on Six-Year-Old Child After Sister-in-Law Steals Nintendo Switch

There are some situations where nobody is in the right. Everybody just sucks, and the entire event context is just kind of miserable. It appears we have the perfect example of that scenario right here on Reddit. The story goes, a father ( /u/Flimsy_Wish_7885 ) throws a Fourth of July cookout for his entire family. Everything seems to go swimmingly, except for the fact that the man's 13-year-old daughter can't seem to find her Nintendo Switch after everyone departs. Doing what we all would when…
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Funny headlines about "Florida Man" | Florida Man Accused Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Thursday, Jan 2,2014 Updated 3:03 PM EST Recommend 3.2 Send 8+113 View Comments (99) Email Print Twoet 232 Pasco County Bhes Offioe | Florida man climbs atop playground equipment at Clearwater park, tells kids where babies come

Florida Man Headlines That Serve Up The WTF

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He's So Sad Now

Funny meme pun comic about a prisoner who tried to escape, therefore "letting his guard down" | I'm sorry I tried to escape. I'm not mad, I'm just....disappointed.
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Funny tweets about the first crime ever committed in space

An Astronaut Just Committed The First-Ever Crime In Space

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Tweet that reads, "Don't date guys from the internet. The last guy said he lived in a gated community. Prison, he meant prison"
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A Movie I'd Watch

Fake movie called "Nek" featuring the guy with the huge neck as a version of 'Shrek'
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crazy florida man headline news

10 Florida Man Moments Of Pure WTF-ery

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funny tweets

Dude's Viral Hood Saga Featuring A Monkey Is Driving Twitter Wild

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Sad But Accurate

Caption that reads, "How it feels to go back to work after your lunch break" above a pic of prisoners going back into their jail cells
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You're Going To Jail, Kid

Sign that says "No drowning" above a stock photo of a kid drowning and police fish from Spongebob running in to arrest him
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Snitches Get Stitches

funny meme about google stret view blurring face of convict.
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lawyer on twitter is funny

Cool Lawyer's Tweets Will Make You Want To Break The Law

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Funny Florida Man Headlines

23 Florida Man Escapades That Will Make You Facepalm

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Sooo Many

'Slaps roof of car meme' with a pic of a jail that says "This bad boy can fit so many bad boys in it"
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Hunter Is Getting His Ducks In A Row

Hunter sends a group text that says, "Hey guys, I have to go to jail tomorrow until Sunday, can we talk about the assignment on Sunday today?"
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