How Much Do My Files Weigh?

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Created by Bobby Zellar

Why It Sucks to be the IT Guy

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Via Daily Infographic

Computers Don't Make Errors, Brian

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See all captions Created by TheMemeDude

Creepy Tooth Totally Looks Like Pennywise from It

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Created by Unknown


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Created by GreenReaper09

Lord Sugar Totally Looks Like It from 5 Children & It

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Created by miniowl

Wish IT Wasn't Soon

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I Eat Colorful Food Only

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Created by IUgrad505

Do You Not Understand Copy and Paste?

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Created by Unknown


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Created by supergoat343


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I Just Want to Browse the Internet!

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Created by Unknown

I Bet it's Gonna Be a Pretty Stellar Get-Together!

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Via Arseniic

Like A....

i-dont-get-it it Like a Boss moss what - 5202596352
Created by the.punisher


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Created by Unknown

But What of the Horse He Rode in On?

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Created by ammusionist