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Tech Memes You Can Appreciate Even If You're Not In IT

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And You Thought Outsourcing Tech Support Abroad Was Bad

tech support it monkey - 8762540288
By Unknown

Beware of I.T. People Bearing Grudges

it wifi web comics - 8601275904
By omegachannel (Via gerbilwithajetpack)

why are all tech support people such idiots?!

tech support smartphones it - 7365639936
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

The Importance of Choosing a Secure Password

me gusta password it wifi - 8399945984
By Unknown

IT is Always to Blame...

rage work it computer - 8393481472
By Unknown

Is it Friday Yet?

browser it computer - 8385463808
By Atillion

Confession IT Guy

Confession Bear it Memes - 7892514304
By Unknown

Ahhh, the End Users

caps lock are you kidding me work password it - 8371418624
By Atillion

You Can Never Escape

clowns creepy it funny - 8193190656
By Unknown

Take That!

it black eye angry funny - 8186384384
By Unknown

IT is Sick of It

stephen king movies it - 7995777280
By Unknown

Reset to Factory Settings

doctors it people - 7952139264
By Unknown

Um... I Think You Need to Turn the Computer on First

computers it - 7950584576
By Unknown

Every IT Person Has Heard This One a Million Times

it Memes - 7937042944
By Unknown

Reframed: Yes, We Deal With This...

customer service Reframe phones it - 7881610240
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