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'Boomer dad got Boomered': Progressive CEO buys employees laptops so they can work from home, gets endless complaints from a technologically challenged older woman

Can she not Google, "how to connect two monitors"?
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'10 years of ruining another person's life?': Evil IT consultant sabotages colleague's work for a decade after she rejects his advances

A nightmare to work with
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Manager Scolds a Tech Support Guy After He's Found Fixing a Personal Laptop at Work, Gets Humiliated After Learning it's the CEO's Computer

Unless you're a good-haired CEO with shiny shoes and an entire team devoted to acting as your personal away-message, you're most likely falling at the lower end of the totem pole of company power.
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IT Support Gets Slammed For Working In Lieu, Charges Company for Overtime Instead

Malicious compliance activated
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Shady IT Department Forces Applicants To Quit Their Current Jobs, Immediately Eliminates The Job They Applied For

Job seekers, beware
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Woman catches company lowballing her in email

'Company got caught lowballing me': Director mistakenly CCs applicant on shady post-interview email

Interviewing for jobs can be such a thankless experience. In this day and age, it's almost guaranteed that hundreds of people are applying for the same gig that you are - and if you know anything about statistics and probability, the odds are (generally) not in your favor. Unless you're a nepotism baby, of course. But for the rest of us, it's hard knowing you might not be a company's top pick, or even their third, for that matter. But the last thing you want is to actually witness a conversatio…
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MEmes about IT professionals

Funny Memes and Tweets For & About IT Professionals

Hello, thanks for your email. We're happy to help. If you can't see these memes, we recommend that you try turning your computer off and then on again. Other than that sage wisdom, we can't help you, because we're not actually IT professionals—we specialize in memes. Despite this, we can offer some relatable content to all the information technologists out there who feel like being a little triggered and a lot seen. We know the job can be frustrating sometimes, and we salute you. Or maybe you'r…
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Weird Dude Gets Roasted for Nonsensical Post About Gendered Careers

Come again?
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I was told this belongs here. They got what they asked for lol | I had a trophy-wife-client who had a frozen yoghurt business paid for by her husband. They contacted me and asked me to design and build a new website for her business. I gave them a quote and they asked if they could pay in three instalments. After we all agreed to the terms, I had written approval and I received my 33% deposit, I got cracking.

'Here’s 33% of your website. You’re welcome': Client wants to pay developer 33% of agreed price, gets 33% of a website

In this world, you get what you pay for.
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Funny programming memes

Programmer Memes That Might Make You Wonder "What's Stopping You From Coding Like This?"

There's been an epidemic sweeping the programming memes community. One meme has positively overtaken r/ProgrammerHumor to the point that it's nearly unuseable. I'm of course talking about, “what's stopping you from coding like this?”
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A compilation of funny memes about programming, programmers, IT, and computer science.

The Funniest Programming Memes of the Week (August 21, 2022)

Jokes about esoteric topics like programming and computer science are best communicated through memes. Otherwise, you've got yourself with a bunch of corny knock-knock jokes that nobody under 55 will enjoy. For instance, the following jokes are what you could be getting if you got your programming humor elsewhere. "Programmer goes to his computer. He's working at home. Right now, he's coding a music player for his own system. He tests it, seeing that it works. His friend calls him and says: "Wh…
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A compilation of IT, programmer, and computer science memes.

Computer Science Memes For STEM Kings

I don't know if this is said enough, so I'm just going to flat out say it; Being a programmer is a huge accomplishment. Sure, the general population praises those pursuing STEM fields during their high school and college years, but what about after they manifest their dreams of becoming programmers? Programmers and IT specialists work long, hard hours that it's difficult for the normies of the world to understand. You have to learn complex coding languages, stop and start over, all while never…
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A compilation of IT, programming, and computer science memes.

Information Technology Memes For IT Guys

It's IT time! I know what you're wondering: Do you mean IT, the classic Stephen King novel and 2017/2019 films about clowning gone wrong? Absolutely not, you stupid baby! It's IT time as in, the actually important IT, which stands for Information Technology . Now I will be honest with y'all. I am not a diva of the IT or computer science persuasion. I am merely a humble former English major hoping that the STEM kids in the room accept these memes into their hearts. Even if I don't fully understa…
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IT Department Forced To Work July 4th, Team Leader Goes Wild With Revenge Company Holiday Party

They deserved it
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funny tech memes, it memes | Do know why shouldn't fart an Apple store? Why? Because they don't have Windows captain america pun | open task manager and all apps suddenly stop freezing Fear will keep them line. tarik star wars

Tech Memes You Can Appreciate Even If You're Not In IT

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And You Thought Outsourcing Tech Support Abroad Was Bad

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