Funny video sketch about a woman who goes more and more crazy with each passing day of being quarantined

Woman Slips Into Madness In Hilarious Sketch About Being Quarantined

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Funny brand logos that reflect social distancing | Starbucks mermaid logo wearing a face mask | Corona beer Need new name. Extra

Brands Are Changing Their Logos To Reflect Social Distancing Measures

Can brands just chill for five seconds?
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Aww Yeaaah

Funny meme that reads, "Summer 2020 gonna be lit" above photos of people doing summer activities wearing hazmat suits
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Funny dank memes about things that are returning due to there being less pollution | Due less air pollution can now finally see Godzilla and his health bar Japan Godzilla |  Deric @DericRichardson Wow. This is Dallas, TX today where city's cowboys have returned first time since 1805 earth is healing are virus

Things Are Returning To Their Natural Habitats While We're All In Lockdown, According To This Dank Meme

Well, at least there's one tidbit of good news.
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Funny meme that reads, "The sign at the pizza place I go to" above a photo of a sign telling patrons to "back the fuck up" due to COVID-19 quarantine
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Number 2

Funny meme that reads, "Which kitty in isolation are you today?" above a bunch of images of sad cats
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Funny dank memes about the weird things people have started doing during quarantine | day 7 quarantine: Wanna get drunk bro down boy speaking and listening to the same tube | QUARANTINE DAY 13: DOLPHINS RETURN VENICE CANALS ABSENCE WATER TRAFFIC QUARANTINE DAY 134: Jesus riding a dinosaur

Quarantine Is Getting Real Weird For A Lot Of People, According To These Dank Memes

We're all bored out of our minds.
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Funny memes about plants | Prescriptionand Imunication Services PluShots MERCHANDISE PICK-UP bwel 1219 @Thirsty.plants Pe Prosorctione PREMIUM Towel 12 160 Buth Ta Badikue Bath Ta Everyone else | the incredibles Puts plant on piano Significant other can't put plant there PLANTMEMECENTRAL plant shelf is plant shelf.

Twenty-One Plant Memes For Those With A Green Thumb

Green thumbs unite!
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Funny memes about being quarantined | Monday Saturday growing toilet paper seeds in water | Government: Please work home. Jehova Witness: u/Mareheis man knocking on a door from inside the house

Thirty-One Quarantined Memes For Extremely Bored Teens

We're all bored out of our minds.
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Smart Move

Funny news headline that reads, "Tom Holland just bought 3 live chickens because there's no eggs left in supermarkets" | improvise adapt overcome Bear Grylls
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Funny tweets about how millennials aren't going on spring break, generation z, coronavirus, covid-19 | danny ocean @SamoanLoki Hey dumbfucks, Millennials are ages 24-39, probably with kids their own. These kids were more likely majority Zoomers and have been couple years now. This is someone who got his degree over 10 years ago. ON Philly Daily News O @PhillyDailyNews 3d Daily News Hey, millennials, this isn't spring break s pandemic Expert Opinion | Momo Kurumi @momokurumicos "If Millennials do

Frustrated Millennials Want You To Know They're Not On Spring Break

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I Miss Him

Funny tweet about feeling isolated working from home | stages of working from home: yay i get to work from home it would be nice to talk to people i hope that pigeons sits in the window today
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Self-deprecating memes.

16 Self-Deprecating Memes For All You Rays Of Sunshine

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