funny meme about connection and isolation | two trains trying to merge on the same tracks desire For connection isolate Myself
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It Ain't Rocket Science People

Funny meme from the TV show 'Friends' about why it's important to continue social distancing | COVlD is deadly but containment measures are working they've made us safer than we were in March
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Funny video sketch comparing day one of quarantine and day 50 of quarantine

Video Sketch About Day One Vs. Day 50 In Quarantine Is Spot-On

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Tough Life

Funny meme that reads, "Waking up three minutes before I have to login from home" above a still of a guy rolling out of bed
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Funny video of two guys demonstrating creative ways you can toss your friend a beer while maintaining social distancing

Two Dudes Show How To Pass Your Friend A Beer While Social Distancing

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F*ckin' Same

Funny tweet that reads, "I'm at the 'Got in my car and drove a few feet away just to sit there alone' stage of quarantine"
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Funny memes about the environment, climate change, Earth Day | today is earth day but everyone is talking about Covid 19 [sad earth noises] | Corporations on Earth Day pretending care about same planet they've been destroying years bp amazon Nestle

Sixteen Environmental Memes To Browse Through In Honor Of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
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Funny dank memes about the lifestyles of introverts and extroverts in quarantine | Time traveler: What year is Me: 2020. Time traveler: Oh. The first year of quarantine | Squidward in bed while Spongebob is outside Governor lockdown has been extended 1 more month Introverts Extroverts

Twenty-Five Dank Memes About 'Introverts Vs. Extroverts' In Quarantine

The differences are pretty stark!
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Seriously WTF

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Funny video of a guy who has created an AI version of himself for his work Zoom meetings

Dude Creates Creepy AI Version Of Himself To Get Out Of Zoom Meetings

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Funny comedy sketch video where a woman tries to explain the COVID-19 pandemic to her past self

Woman Explains The Pandemic To Her Past Self In This Hilariously Surreal Sketch

This is so accurate it hurts.
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Nothin' To Spark Joy

Funny tweet that reads, "Bet Marie Kondo is wishing she had more shit in her house right about now"
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Funny video sketch about a woman who goes more and more crazy with each passing day of being quarantined

Woman Slips Into Madness In Hilarious Sketch About Being Quarantined

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Funny brand logos that reflect social distancing | Starbucks mermaid logo wearing a face mask | Corona beer Need new name. Extra

Brands Are Changing Their Logos To Reflect Social Distancing Measures

Can brands just chill for five seconds?
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Aww Yeaaah

Funny meme that reads, "Summer 2020 gonna be lit" above photos of people doing summer activities wearing hazmat suits
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Funny dank memes about things that are returning due to there being less pollution | Due less air pollution can now finally see Godzilla and his health bar Japan Godzilla |  Deric @DericRichardson Wow. This is Dallas, TX today where city's cowboys have returned first time since 1805 earth is healing are virus

Things Are Returning To Their Natural Habitats While We're All In Lockdown, According To This Dank Meme

Well, at least there's one tidbit of good news.
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