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People Discuss The Most Risky Places For Americans to Travel

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of traveling to North Korea. This was obviously before the case of Otto Warmbier, whose death led to the ban on Americans traveling to the country. This was more in the era of The Interview and the widespread fear of Seth Rogan leading to nuclear war. There were so many VICE documentaries that explained North Korean culture, and I watched all of them. I logically knew that traveling to North Korea was not the brightest idea, but I was 14 years old…
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Bizarre New Meme Has Saddam Hussein Hiding In The Darndest Places

How did he get there?
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mildly interesting photos, photographs, infographic, frozen succulents, danny devito, batman returns | series of photos showing danny devito being transformed into the penguin on the set of batman returns. corn cob vs what corn used to look like in nature.

Mildly Interesting Photos That Might Pique Your Interest

The more you know.
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funny tweetes about getting drafted in world war three, world war III, donald trump | tweet by fc_1869 healthy 18-30 year old male and see #WorldWarThree trending chuckles danger. pic of three pregnant women tweet by VictoriacNieves and my girls hear women might get drafted ww111

Everyone's Tweeting About Getting Drafted In WWIII

We're all pregnant.
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I just tried to access the Chilcot report on Iraq...

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Such a Good Show

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CNN News Coverage July 2009

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And What Priorities They Are

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Surprisingly Difficult

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A Good Solution

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Thin Ice, Thick Glass

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Beyond Neat

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Lame Pun Coon Looked Like Jordan

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War in Iraq Ends

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Nine Years Later

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