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4-Year-Old Starts Adorable Budding Friendship With Siri

"What does that even mean?"
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Girl Shows Her Great Uncle Wikipedia, Starts Wholesome Discussion About Older Generations And The Internet

As digital natives, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about the internet. It often feels like it sucks up a lot of our time for no good reason, and there are plenty of valid criticisms to be made about misinformation, abuse and screen addiction. However, when thinking about our own online experiences we can lose sight of those that differ. For the many in older generations who are unfamiliar with the internet, its benefits can be far more appreciated — and it isn’t limited to the …
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Kids These Days

Funny photo of a kid playing a bowling video game in a bowling alley
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Blame The Parents

Funny meme about kids in restaurants on ipads.
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For These Kids it Feels More Like April Cruels' Day

funny parenting prank image dad pulls cruel ipad prank on kids
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Wait Till You See the One With a Virtual Fish Pond

web comics cats birds Wait Till You See the One With a Virtual Fish Pond
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They See Me Behaving Irresponsibly With My Technology, They Hatin

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Oh, I've Got the D Figured Out

ipad ipa d sign
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ipad scam Video ebay - 75683329

Watch This Guy Discover What a Cruel Place Ebay Can Be

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iPaid For Them

ipad iphone ipod rage - 8582322688
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Who Said You Can't Take It With You?

web comics technology ipad Who Said You Can't Take It With You?
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This generation

Y U NO ipad wig fail cousin iphone - 8577569536
By Unknown
ipad parody reviews Video - 74204161

This Guy Already Got His Hands on the iPad Pro

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Disney AppMATes

awesome cars disney gifs ipad mindwarp - 5251913984
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ipad hipster idiots typewriter funny - 8068608512
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broken ebay idiots ipad why wtf - 5975870208
By Hackyzach
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