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Student Gets Ready For Internship Interview, Realizes He’s Been Pranked By Roommates

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Funny Job Rejection Highlights All The Things Wrong With Common Hiring Practices

Damn, that's harsh
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Nicolas Cage Delights The Internet With Candid AMA

Peak nostalgia
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Honest Job Application Answers That (Sometimes) Got People Hired

Honesty is the best policy.
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Bartender Enacts Ideal Revenge On Tardy Boss Who Hates Lateness

Contradictory, much?
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News Station Invites Zoomer to Talk About "Birds Aren't Real" Movement, Gets Trolled

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Heartening Thread Shows How Friendship Gets People Through Hard Times

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Brian 'Murph' Murphy Watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (AKA Dudes Or Dogs)

This week the gang has on Brian Murphy from Not Another DnD Podcast to talk about the utter mundaneness of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
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'Gingers Have Souls' CopperCab is Back for Revenge

Gingers do have souls!
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Keanu Reeves Thinks NFTs Are a Joke and Fans Are Thrilled

'Matrix' star reveals feelings about Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and VR
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People Gripe About Everyone’s Least Favorite Personal Question

Identity crisis incoming
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Channel 5's Coverage of the Utah Rap Festival is Absolute Madness

If you were a fan of All Gas No Brakes and haven't watched Andrew Callaghan's new series Channel 5 yet, you really need to start with this recent special on the Utah Rap Festival. In this 15-minute highlight from Channel 5's full episode on Patreon, the youth of Salt Lake City impart us with invaluable wisdom, such as 'f-ck the mormons b-tch!' The chaotic energy in this video is agitating and addictive at the same time—at times it hurts to watch and yet you can't look away. Channel 5 is a gratif
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TalkRadio host Mike Graham mocked by Cameron Ford for saying we can grow concrete, Insulate Britain, environmental activism

TalkRadio Host Mike Graham Humiliated For Claiming You Can Grow Concrete

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Obnoxious Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Interview Inspires Roasty Response

Fanfic writers are taking notes
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KC Green Revisits 'This Is Fine' and His Other Comics Turned Iconic Memes

KC Green is a legendary webcomic artist known for his unique brand of self-conscious humor and some of the most recognizable meme characters of the last two decades. We caught up with him to discuss how he got started as a cartoonist, the origins of some of his most memed pieces (including “This is Fine,” “Staredad,” “Mother of God" and more), as well as what he has planned for the future.
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David Reveals What the Dentist Gave Him in the Classic YouTube Video

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