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Viral Thread: Worker Quits on Second Day After Lies From Interview Are Exposed

This restoration apprentice reported that they left their new role on the second day after they discovered the employer had lied about the working hours during the interview process. They shared their experience on the popular r/antiwork subreddit where it received a lot of attention. “Not fired but berated in public?” remarked mkbloodyen. “Sounds like they are hurting for staff.” “Having worked with a couple of these restoration companies, I have to say, I have never seen a decent one, ever,”…
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Insanely Incompetent Interviewers Fired After Candidate Exposes Them

This insurance guy was approached by a recruiter for an insurance sales position at a company. Despite his repeated protests that he was overqualified for the role they were hiring for, they refused to take no for an answer and aggressively entered him into the interview process. As the interview progressed, it became increasingly clear that the hiring managers had no idea what they were on about. They repeatedly handed him wrong information and asked him to do things that he knew were complete…
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Thread: Recruiter Wants to "Negotiate" Lower Salary, Actually Wants to Trick Candidate Into Taking Lower Pay

This job candidate was asked by the recruiter if they would negotiate a lower paid rate, which turned out to just be a way of trying to get them to take the original offer. The recruiter's actions have drawn the ire of the internet after photos of the exchange were posted online. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Reddit user u/Jbeez4117 who shared the thread, which featured screenshots of the exchange, to the popular sub. They posted the thread with the title “That soun…
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A Reddit story about a native russian speaker who gets rejected from a job for being "insufficient" in the language.

Russian Interviewee Gets Told Their Russian is "Insufficient" by Job Interviewer Who Couldn't Speak the Language

As someone who took at least five linguistics classes in college, you might call me a language expert. And as such, it's my duty to share a few undeniable truths about language learning that many people do not know. Did you know that if you're a native speaker of a language, congratulations, you are an expert in that language? It doesn't matter if you can't explain the exact reason for conjugations or word order. If you've spoken a language since birth, you will automatically know when somethin…
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Legend Nukes Job Interview with Whiny Boss, Gets Offered Position Anyway

Nobody wants to work anymore
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'IT'S CORN! A big lump with knobs': Wholesome Kid Becomes a Meme For Raving About His Love For Corn on the Cob

Its got the juice
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Matt Damon Eloquently Explains Why They Don't Make Movies Like They Used to on 'Hot Ones'

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Arsenio Hall interviews Macho Man Randy Savage and asks whether or not he cries, wholesome answer

Macho Man Randy Savage Gives Wholesome Answer to the Question 'Does Macho Man Ever Cry'?

Macho Man was a damn role model.
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Amusing Job Rejection Highlights Everything Wrong With Common Hiring Practices

Damn, that's harsh
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Job Applicant Does Dramatic Reading of Patronizing Rejection Email

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Job Applicant Duped By Parking Scam, Both Anger And Hilarity Ensues

What a let down
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Honest Job Application Answers That Somehow (Sometimes) Got People Hired

Honesty is the best policy.
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Job Applicant Applies For Fully Remote Position, Walks Out Of Interview When Employers Reveal It's Hybrid

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Creepy Interviewer Makes Woman Uncomfortable With Inappropriate Questions, Gets Fired

Job interviews are one of the more nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing things a person can experience. To take an already stressful situation and crank up the discomfort by throwing some sexual harassment into the mix is downright sociopathic. When u/R_Rover_2013 called out her interviewer after he asked a series of highly personal and inappropriate questions, he threw a fit and ended the interview. I guess he thought asking a potential hiree about what kind of guys she likes to date was a total…
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Bartender Enacts Revenge On Perpetually Late Boss Who Hates Tardiness

Contradictory, much?
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Student Gets Ready For Internship Interview, Realizes He’s Been Pranked By Roommates

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