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Weekly Internet Roundup: Joe Exotic Launches Presidential Bid, Banks Collapse, and Dates Get Ditched Over Burger Cheese

Also, TikTok might be in trouble (again).
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is Onika Burger? (March 12, 2023)

Barbz rule the internet
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Weekly Internet Roundup: TikTokers Pay the Cheese Tax, Elon Does Ableism, and the Cult of MrBeast

Also: Cole Sprouse is singlehandedly taking down Big Tobacco.
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People Discuss The Pinnacles of Loser Behavior

How does one kill that which has no life?
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Andrew Tate Struggles, Teens Hate Intercourse, and Tradwives Aren't Good at Wifing

Also: girl tries to articulate dating disappointment, men on the internet get mad.
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Stupid Smart Devices That Exemplify Why Connecting Everything to the Internet Is a Bad Idea

Decades ago, the more optimistic futurists probably thought that we'd eventually be living on space settlements in a scarcity-free utopia where robots do all the work for us and no one wants for anything. Few predicted that the future would look more like accepting “terms and conditions” before ordering a cheeseburger at the drive-thru, or internet-connected “ smart ” license plates that require a paid subscription in order to function properly. Yup, the future is now, and it's dumber than ever…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Ariana DeBose is a Theater Kid, Venus De Milo is an Insta Thot, and a Kid Has Christ For Arms

Also, Bernie is a meme again.
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Stupid People Getting Called Out For Being Terrible Liars

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Weekly Internet Roundup: Rihanna's Super Bowl, Barney's Reboot, and Elon Forces Himself Back into the Headlines

Plus: AI won't dirty talk with you.
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Funny posts from old people on social media

Funny Instances of Old People Trying and Occasionally Failing to Use the Internet

People are often surprised when I tell them that my 92-year-old grandmother is capable of sending me emails. They're surprised that my Grandfather posts to my Facebook, and still calls me to describe his dreams. While they've both got a pretty good handle on using the world wide web, there's plenty of people their age (even boomers) who consistently fail to use social media, and even Google, properly. While sometimes their failures or inappropriate diatribes can be offensive, many of the online…
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Internet Conoisseurs Share Normal Photographs That Bear an Uncanny Resemblance to Memes

Double take
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Lemon Teeth, Doge Couch, and AI Boobs, Oh My

Plus: a Twitch streamer does something deeply embarrassing again.
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People List the Worst Terminally Online Things They've Heard Others Say

Oh boy
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Weekly Internet Roundup: M&Ms Aren't Dead, Doja Cat Plays Dress Up, & Who's the Creep at the Gym?

Plus, the return of the best of Bri'ish.
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Rick and Morty Get Cancelled, Greta Gets Arrested, and Pink Sauce Hits Walmart

More good times online.
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Abandoned Pigs, Dead Friendships, and Mighty Expensive Eggs

Embracing that January cheer.
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