Modern Romance

Funny meme about modern romance on internet.
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Funny memes about Gendry rowing on Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones: Gendry's Back From Rowing And The Internet Is Freaking Out

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Hard Times

Funny meme about the games you would play if you didn't have the internet.
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Collection of dank and funny memes about the White house, moms, girlfriends, dating, Moana, emoji movie, the emoji movie, anthony scaramucci, magic cards, rick and morty, music, minions, texting.

Dank Meme Roundup: 16 Nice N' Spicy Memes

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Such A Tease

Funny web comic about internet explorer, the icon gets excited when the cursor hovers over it, only to be disappointed when it is put into the recycling bin.
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Every Day We Stray Further From God

Funny meme about how people speak on the internet.
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Nice Try

funny emme about when someone blocks you but you have another account.
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Abort, Abort!

Funny meme about how crazy the internet is, WikiHow article about masturbating to bees.
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100% Accurate

Funny meme about how Skype is the worst thing ever.
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Toiugh Call

Funny Who Would Win meme about computers and friendships.
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Great Outdoors

Funny meme about when your internet breaks and you have to spend time in the world around you, anime screenshot of a man looking at a butterfly and asking what kind of bird it is.
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Wise Words From Honest Abe

Funny meme with a fake quote by Abraham Lincoln - says if Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, you should be brave enough to ask a person out.
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Blocking You

Funny meme where a guy says he is funnier online pretends to be online and ruins date.
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Get Those Knuckles Crackin'

Funny meme comparing preparing for battle in the past, by sharpening tools, and now, by polishing and dusting your keyboard - we fight on the internet now.
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Hard Times

Funny web comic in which a son asks his father what the internet used to be like, the father starts making the sounds of dial up.
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Collection of funny memes about dating, pizza, marvel, depression, weekend, school, parents, politics, vladimir putin, the office, parks and recreation, women, men, trump, weed, marijuana, cats, fidget spinners.

Midday Meme Report

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