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The Internet Versus Reality: 25+ Online and Real Life Juxtapositions

The internet. A beautiful place where you can make yourself out to be whoever you desire. Maybe you're a shy and awkward introvert in real life , but once online you become the coolest, most charismatic character imaginable. It really is a blessing and a curse. People I've known for ages on the internet have often turned out to be completely different in person. Not always in a negative way, but always noticeably different. A lot of important parts of socialization don't pick up in online inter…
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39 Memes for Individuals Looking for an Ounce of Entertainment

Happy Wednesday meme lovers and web denizens! We're back again for a midweek treat in the form of a few dozen funny images ! If you're a half-glass-full kind of person, maybe you love Wednesdays. At that halfway point in the work week, just a few more hours until you're over halfway to the weekend. Maybe you're a more pessimistic individual and you're dissatisfied because you're ONLY halfway through the week. Personally, I have no opinion on Wednesdays. They are thoroughly average in my book. L…
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40+ Fantastic Memes That Are Bound to Fascinate Your Funny Bone

Happy Tuesday, meme lovers! It's that time of the evening when we take a little break from our turbulent lives and take a look at some internet funnies! We've all got a lot going on in our lives. Whether that be the rigmarole of our nine-to-fives or the stress of finding a new apartment, sometimes it's important to find a little time to enjoy the good things. In this case, that means random relatable memes . So what kind of meme would improve your day? For me, it's something that's specific eno…
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35 Fantastic Memes for Internet Fanatics

Happy Monday morning, meme lovers and jokesters ! It's that special time of the week when we're all miserable and need a little something to improve it. Luckily, we're here to give you just that! Hating Mondays is a trite sentiment at this point, but everybody wouldn't be saying it if it wasn't true. The start of the week isn't very fun. The whiplash between a beautiful Sunday evening and a terrible Monday morning office entry is tremendously rough. So even if it's a cliché and the catchphrase…
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Cringeworthy Content for Curious Cringe Fans (July 8, 2023)

What's the most cringe-worthy thing you've ever seen out in the wild? Like as an immediate witness. Surely, you have at least one experience that was so cringe that it's seared into your memory, right? Maybe you saw someone's prom-posal go terribly wrong? Maybe someone trying way too hard to be cool? Maybe just a really bad presentation by one of your peers? For me, it was the weird kid in middle school who performed his original rap at the talent show. It was a diss track of sorts, but you cou…
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45+ Funny Memes That Amuse and Delight

There's nothing better than finding a meme that tickles your fancy when you're in a bad mood . Busy day at work? Check out this relatable cat meme. Relationship issues? Here's a relationship that could make things either better or worse, but at least it'll make you laugh. That's the beautiful thing about memes. They provide incredibly brief but meaningful distractions to our everyday life. They're the perfect band-aid for an unfortunate day. Where would our society be without funny memes? Don't…
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An Accumulation of Actually Funny Memes

There are a lot of times I miss the bygone era of mid-2000s internet culture. That era where you really had to seek out memes and there was a greater sense of community in it. That's definitely just nostalgia speaking, but hopping on an internet forum or message board for solely meme-related purposes. Those experiences and those incredibly expensive and scammy phone meme websites . Remember racking up a huge phone bill just because you wanted a LOLcat as your flip phone background or a Pokemon…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Imaginary Plane Passengers, Hot Dog Eating Competitions, and Tweet Limits vs. Threads

Also: the Nair marketing team win, but at what cost?
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Twitter Reacts to the Threads App Launch

Meta has officially launched its Threads app. Created as a clear and intentional Twitter competitor, the new platform has shaken up the internet. It seems Threads has come at the perfect time. A lot of people, myself included, have grown a bit tired of the constant shakeups on Twitter. The Elon Musk acquisition and his variety of non-sensical platform changes have only managed to damage the social media site. So it's a pretty easy decision to at least check out the app. Perhaps, it will prove i…
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Miscellaneous Memes to Make You Merry

Meme makers are some of the most selfless individuals on this planet. They put in the effort: they find the image, they think of something funny and/or relatable, then they go on to create the meme itself. The thing is most of these content creators know that the meme they have just made now belongs to the internet . They can put a watermark on it or post it on their personal page, but once that meme reaches the online public it's just a fact that it will be shared without credit. Meme creators…
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People Ponder What Rich People Fantasize About

What would you do with limitless money? Imagine, one day you decide to buy a Powerball ticket on a whim, don't think much of it, and then wake up to find out you've won the jackpot. You now have more money than you could possibly comprehend. What's the first thing you'd do? What's your greatest fantasy? Now think about people who actually have that sort of money. What would you fantasize about when everything you ever want is already at your fingertips? People gave their two cents on this idea…
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A Gobbet of Memes for Giddy Meme Lovers

Have you ever considered how much time you spend looking at memes ? Not even intentionally, but just how much you're exposed to memes. I can't say an exact figure, but I'd argue that I spend at least half of my waking hours exposed to the things. They're everywhere. Not just on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media. You're seeing memes crammed into just about every form of media. Not even just in media format! Your friends, family, and colleagues are directly referencing meme content. Ma…
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A Cache of Eye-Catching Memes

What makes a good meme? Does it have to be funny? Relatable? Visually striking? Maybe a combination of all the above? The remarkable thing about memes is that none of those qualifiers matter. Beauty is in the eye of the memeholder. What may be the least funny thing one person has ever seen could be the most downright hysterical piece of work the next person has seen. That's just how memes work. There's something out there for everyone. While we strive to provide you all with what we find to be…
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Cringeworthy Content for Curious Cringe Fans (July 1, 2023)

Happy Saturday cringe fans! We're back once again this week for another healthy heap of second-hand embarrassment. What better way to spend your day off than to look at content that makes you feel slightly better about yourself? Cringe has existed since the dawn of the internet. Well, it has kind of always existed. But the internet revolutionized the sheer amount of cringe that is disseminated and consumed by the masses. Back in the day, you'd just have to laugh at the weird, embarrassing guy i…
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A Gaggle of Memes for Giggling Purposes

Has internet humor ruined us? Have memes over the years become increasingly incomprehensible to the point where the only thing we're laughing at is our ability to understand them? What does a smirking Wojak even mean to a 70-year-old man? Most likely nothing, but that's okay. If you agreed with those sentiments, I invite you to think a little bit and reevaluate. All forms of humor are subjective. Just because I can pull up my Twitter feed and understand, hopefully, 75 percent of the memes that…
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Man Lies About His Wife Being Infertile, Asks Internet for Judgement

Usually, when people anonymously tell stories of their lives on the Internet they tend to smudge the details to paint themselves in a better light. But not this man. When he told the internet he had been spreading rumors that his wife was unable to have children , he told the truth and nothing but the truth. it takes courage to portray yourself as such a sincerely bad person. The story goes, this man and his wife had been trying for kids for a few years. Unfortunately, they weren't having luck.…
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