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Weekly Internet Roundup: Liver King is Fake, Pilk is Real, and Ye Just Gets Worse

Plus: the obligatory Elon Muskdate.
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Carnivorous Influencer Liver King Gets Busted for Using Steroids

The raw organs are a lie
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pettyrevenge | "The owner shows up to see how we’re doing while we have the dog on the porch. We make some small talk, and he mentions that we didn’t indicate we were bringing a dog."

'We didn’t indicate we were bringing a dog': Entitled Airbnb guest brings dog without telling host, is surprised when host leaves them a negative review

Almost universally, we have a tendency to trust the narrative of the narrator when it comes to stories we see online. We seldom stop to pause and take a look at the other perspectives that the context offers us: When you're reading a story your favorite influencer or personality is telling about some aggressive Karen they met at a festival, do you ever stop to think, "Why did that complete stranger take offense to them?" Sure there are some wildly unhinged persons in this world who have the ten…
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Tiktoker SHows Exactly What It's Like Traveling With Your Dad| thumbnail text - we only have three hours, tiktok, travelign with your dad, man

Tiktoker Shows Exactly What It's Like Traveling With Your Dad, From Cringy Dad Jokes to the Constant Distrust That You Brought Your Passport

But seriously, do you have your boarding pass?
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Actress Recites Bizarre Poem to Putin in Mortifying Video, Gets Brutally Roasted

In times of crisis, cringe is inevitable, it seems. Especially on Twitter. Remember back in 2020 when Gal Gadot and a bunch of other Hollywood stars sang John Lennon's “Imagine” in one of the most impressive displays of cringe the internet had ever seen? Well it seems that influencers and celebs haven't learned a thing from that atrocity. They just can't help themselves. This week's Main Character is actor Dear Mister President Vladimir Putin… — AnnaLynne McCord (@IAM…
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Influencer Gets Roasted for Incriminating Herself After Armored Car Spills Cash Onto Freeway

Free money or felony waiting to happen?
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Influencer Causes Outrage By Posing On Holocaust Memorial

Not a good look
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Cringey influencer poses in front of father's open casket, twitter reacts

Influencer Inspires Ridicule After Posing in Front of Father's Open Casket

You'd think that by now people would stop t aking photos with or in front of dead or dying people . But, alas. Every month brings a new and impressively tone deaf person to our screens, practically begging to be taken down by the pitchforks of the internet. Today's focus is on Miami influencer Jayne Rivera, who used her now-deleted Instagram account to share a series of very posed photos - in front of her father's open casket. this Instagram model’s father passed away,,,, and she did a photo sh…
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TikToker Causes Controversy By Selling Photos Of Newborn Baby To Fans

Is this going towards the college fund?
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Eco Influencer Gets Roasted For Reinventing Corn Syrup As ‘Vegan Honey’

We all know by now that processed food is the devil. It's full of all the unhealthy food groups and scary sounding chemicals, and it gets made in ways that are enough to put you off ordering Taco Bell until the munchies come back again. If you decide to do the processing yourself, though? Totally different ball game. This seems to be the logic of one influencer, who promotes a low waste, sustainable lifestyle. Kathryn Kellogg raised some eyebrows recently for posting a video of her making what …
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Cringe YouTuber Gets Roasted for Begging Followers to Pre-Save Her Music

Lael Hansen is a former YouTuber who has gained over 1 million subscribers over the years for her reaction videos. Now Lael's on TikTok and she's doing something a little different. The 21-year-old internet personality has moved on to music, and she's attempting to use viral marketing to get her career off the ground. In a recent TikTok that now has over 9 million views, Lael begs her followers to pre-save her new song 'My Life is Boring' on Spotify. She says, 'I'm an artist from the middle of n
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Young Woman Goes Viral After Rejecting Man At The Gym

No one enjoys having to deal with a creep , but unfortunately it's a position that a lot of women find themselves in way too often. It's uncommon to have these encounters caught on camera, but when they are it offers a stark reminder of what some people go through on a regular basis. Avrey Ovard is a 19 year-old influencer who has drawn attention for publicizing her own experience of unwanted attention. While filming for a fitness video to go on her YouTube channel, her camera captured an awkwa…
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Hasbulla Is The King Of Social Media Now

Ice cold.
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The Buzz Around The Beekeeping Influencer Beef

Not so wholesome after all?
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social media influencers backstage cringey compilation

13 Cringey Minutes Of Influencers Being Insufferable

The world has progressed past the need for influencers.
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funny tweets about influencer help wanted job advertisement, entitled, part time 24/7 on call | Rachel Holliday Smith @rachelholliday tag yourself actual work hours will be flexible, but generally expect be with client all time | Quar-*Teens @danpolis This person needs go JAIL | Personal Assistant Influencer Confidential Los Angeles, CA Posted: July 29, 2020 Q more jobs like this Part Time Job Professional Personal Assistant Large Celebrity well known celebritylinfluencer with 10+ million follow

Influencer's Insane Ad For An Assistant Is The Epitome Of Entitlement

No thanks.
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