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'So NOW he wants to benefit from your hobby?': Food influencer's hater boyfriend wants in on her free food but won't stop hating

It's hard to be an influencer
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'Of course we're obsessed with skincare': Child influencers sing praises of skincare and makeup, sparking debates about child labor laws for social media

Something feels off about this
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'He doesn't even follow my insta': Food influencer invites friend to restaurant opening, killjoy boyfriend protests she is excluding him

She wants to enjoy the freebies
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'France made me cry': Influencer complains about feeling isolated in Lyon, splits opinions on travel behavior

The Paris effect is real
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'The sad beige baby aesthetic is actively harmful': Mommy blogger flips out at sibling for calling her baby sad and beige

When a meme gets personal
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Main Character Auntie Steals Show at Football Game, Haters Left Speechless

Hater attempt foiled
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Influencer Sashays Through Horse Stampede, Faces Consequences

Wild, wild horses
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TikToker Gets Roasted For Filming Target Shopping Trip, Sparks Debate About Boring Content Creators

Mundanity = $$$
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Insufferable Humble Braggers Who Need Taking Down a Peg

We get it, you're special
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Christian Girl Autumn Icon Caitlin Covington Inspires Twitter With Wholesome Family 'Fall 101' Video

Queen of fall
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Twitter Expresses Bafflement Over Controversy About Influencer Mom Wishing for a Healthy Baby

It's not that deep
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Cringey Grindset Entrepreneur Gets Roasted for Claiming He Works 21 Days a Week

"I have changed and manipulated time"
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Fitness Influencer Who Had Anti-Bloating Pill Wedding Annoys Internet Again With Post-Wedding "Wellness Recovery Day"

So much product placement
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Cringey LinkedIn Posts For Hardworking Middle Management Types Who Are Never Off The Grind

Too real?
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'Just get her on payroll': Influencer Sparks Debate for Thoroughly Cleaning Hotel Room After Checking In

It's a lot of effort
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Shein Apologist Influencers, Barbie Vs. Oppenheimer, and the Miranda Sings Ukulele Apology

Plus, the Grimace shake saga continues.
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