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Funny tweets and memes for the hashtag #surviveahorrormoviein5words, how to survive a horror movie.

Twitter Gold: How To Survive A Horror Movie In 5 Words

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You've Got an Instant Hit Here

horror movies web comics image - 8986720256
Via wronghands

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

horror movies knife flashlight sleeping parents - 8576983808
Created by jellymelly

Human Consumption is Horrifying

horror movies sad but true chickens web comics - 8480767232
Created by anselmbe

Most "Horror" Movies

expectations vs reality horror movies - 8254499072
Created by awsomenick3
horror movies toy story movies pixar Video - 61029889

Toy Story as a Horror Film Looks Terrifying

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This is Oddly True

hospitals horror movies - 7979344128

What's Your Horror Movie?

horror movies funny name - 7921865984

Walmart is Scary Enough Without the Music

horror movies ideas Walmart - 7684839680
Created by Beast.of.Blood

I'm Not Scared, Honest!

horror movies movies relationships sleeping funny dating - 7485716224

Grave Encounters 2 Poster Totally Looks Like Quarantine Poster

horror movies totally looks like funny - 7463520512
Created by WyraachUr

Not Gonna Lie, My Heart Skipped a Beat

horror movies scary scary movies startled funny - 7432232448

Who Would Do This in the Dark?

horror movies all the things - 7153281792
Created by TheNextGrumpyCat

No One's Thought of That Before!

horror movies hot all right gentlemen - 6748581888

A Terrible Sight

horror movies mom scary the internets - 6469579264

Someone Has to Be Zombie Food

best of week guns horror movies survival TV zombie apocalypse - 6008451072
Created by cratchmaster