Funny memes about the end of the college semester, christmas break, grades, failing, university.

29 Memes That Perfectly Describe The End Of Semester Struggle

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Not Wrong

Funny meme about doing homework while the teacher is collecting it.
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Don't Let This Be You

Funny meme about leaving homework until the last minute (Sunday) a man shoveling a giant roof.
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Funny memes about college and university, essays, assignments, classes, for college students. Cover photo is a meme of a dog walking itself, for when you need to teach yourself a subject because your teacher is so useless.

34 More College Memes That Are Painfully Relatable

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It Doesn't Count

Funny meme about not doing summer assignments for school, Ross from friends saying "we were on a break."
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Hey, I Have a Great Idea...

You do one half of the assignment, I'll do the other half and we will join them together. Image is half of the Mona Lisa and half a child's drawing.
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"Ill do it in the morning"

homework - 9000606976
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Why Would You Bring That Up?

homework school image - 8997580288
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You Probably Just Forgot Something

homework Memes image - 8996099584
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So... That's Why

homework drinking image - 8994202368
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That Paper Is as Good As Done

homework pizza procrastination - 8990226176
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Remember Kids...

homework procrastination priorities - 8990218496
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homework school puns mistake - 8989034752
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I'll Just Set My Alarm and Start When It Goes Off in an Hour

homework procrastination naps image - 8981936896
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I Can Certainly Try

image procrastination homework I Can Certainly Try
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I Just Wasn't Feeling It

image homework american idol I Just Wasn't Feeling It
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