A house is not a home, but it can be. If you make it, they will come, so put four walls up and chuckle at some house puns.

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TV Post-Production Expert Reveals Essential Hacks For The Best Home TV Setup

The more you know
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Dungeons & Dragons Players are Showing Off Their Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

Dungeons & Dragons Players Show Off The Most Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

These DnD players aren't messing around—secret bookcase doors, giant wood and glass tables, and bones, lots of decorative bones.
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Tenants Get Satisfying Revenge On Landlord Trying To Unfairly Evict Them

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People Reflect On The Worst Things Guests Have Ever Done In Their Home

The audacity
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Guy Takes Girlfriend To Breaking Point With Living Room Urinal

He has another toilet...
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Woman Trolled For Revealing She Has A Microchip Implanted To Unlock Her House

Is this Black Mirror?
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Enlightening Thread Reveals The Legend Of The Pittsburgh Toilet

Pure luxury
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15+ People Rate The Chores They Hate The Most

AKA the full time job on top of a full time job.
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People Dunk On Terribly Designed Loft Apartment

It’s a rite of passage of moving into anywhere new. You unpack everything, get settled in and then realize that there are several annoying features to your new home that the real estate agents conveniently swept under the carpet. Whether you’re barely scraping rent or money is not an object, all of us have suffered from impractical interiors at some point. Even when you are lucky enough to find somewhere that could be your dream home, there are going to be issues that you have to learn to live …
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Man Creepily Tracks Down TikToker’s Home Using His Apartment Lighting

From offensive old tweets to compromising Insta stories, we can never be too careful what we post online . This is especially true when it comes to information about ourselves, because it can easily fall into the wrong hands. While this advice might feel like Stranger Danger 101, the kind of clues many of us might not even think about can sometimes reveal a terrifying amount of information. Tiktoker @fiftyshadesofjor y has humorously pointed this out by responding to another user. The original …
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Pretentious TikTok Home Tour Gets Roasted & Toasted

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Guy Splits Opinion By Showing Off A Goofy Print In The House He’s Staying At

Interesting taste.
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Homeowner Gives Everyone Anxiety After Showing Off Futuristic Smart Home

A sci-fi horror waiting to happen.
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Marie Kondo Memes

16 Orderly Marie Kondo Memes That Will Remind You To Yeet What Doesn't Spark Joy

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What Do You Think of the Living Room? Yea It IS Awful

web comics home guests What Do You Think of the Living Room? Yea It IS Awful
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Make Yourself at Home

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