A compilation of funny hockey and NHL memes

Hockey Memes For NHL Fanatics

Hockey is by far one of the most fun sports to watch live. When I go to a football game, they don't have to enclose the crowd behind tall transparent walls fans can bang to express their spirit. I know when I'm going to a baseball game, I'm not going to see a physical brawl between the second baseman and the shortstop. When I go to the U.S. Figure Skating National Championships, I don't expect the doubles team to get in a fight so brutal, one of them needs to be sequestered into a clear box for…
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Funny Twitter thread where a pro hockey player tries to flirt with Anna Kendrick | Anthony Beauvillier @titobeauvi21 Hi @Annakendrick47. DanyAllstar15 Replying titobeauvi21 and @AnnaKendrick47 hey man thanks letting use gear during fundraiser held animal shelter save puppies cup way too big but other than everything worked fine. Thanks again

Pro Hockey Player Shoots His Shot With Anna Kendrick, His Buddies Back Him Up

Well Anna, what'll it be??
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20 Canada Day Memes In Honor Of America's Hat

20 Canada Day Memes In Honor Of America's Hat

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40 Canadian Memes That'll Have You Poutine On Your Shoes To Go Right To Tim Horton's

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Only In Canada...

Caption that reads, "I go to school in Ottawa and we write our exams in a hockey rink" above a pic of a bunch of students taking their exams sitting in desks on a hockey rink
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Canadian Insults Following Suit

Sign at a hockey game that says "Joe Thornton drinks water for the flavor"
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Collection of funny memes comics and posts about Canada in celebration of their 150th birthday, canada day.

20 Canadian Memes in Celebration of Canada Day

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Canada hockey - 84589057

A Brilliant New Invention From the Frozen North

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beer sports hockey fan Video - 182278

Watch This Hockey Bro Ruthlessly Kiss His Beer Instead of Girlfriend When He's Caught on Game's Kiss-Cam

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Maybe You Don't Like Hockey That Much...

trolling hockey text - 8981489664
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Ice Hockey in a Nutshell

twitter sports hockey - 8820472320
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hockey Mario Kart amazing video games nintendo win - 113158

The Lightning Just Made Our Dreams Come True, and Staged a Larger Than Life Mario Kart Game on Their Rink

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hockey Sesame Street Video - 79778817

Sesame Street Characters Play a Mean Game of Hockey

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gifs hockey - 8574810112
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hockey puns TV sports - 75320321

This Hockey Broadcaster Uses a Double Entendre That Knows He's Going to Have to Spend Some Time in the Penalty Box For

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This Must Be How Gatorade Gets Their Audio

gatorade hockey trolling sports - 7936484608
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