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Win of the Day: Canadian Hockey Fans Finish ‘Star Spangled Banner’ After Microphone Fails

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Trolled by Inanimate Objects

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Just The Tip

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Here Ya Go, Kid

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This Adorable Young Bruins Fan Sat by the Rink Waiting for Fist Bumps From the Players

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Some Hockey Fights End Really Quick

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I Could Easily Be in Boston

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Smooth Move

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Hockey TV Analysts Make a Terrible Joke About "Long Sticks"

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Quite a Trick Shot

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Kill Me Pls

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This Baby is Hyped For Hockey

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Awkwardly Sings 'I Love LA' After the Rangers Lost to the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals

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One LA Kings Fan Celebrated a Little Harder Than Everybody Else

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The Only Time It's Acceptable

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Nyeh Nyeh!

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