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The Best Fresh History Memes We've Seen This Week (8/10/2022)

There are many memes that leave a person with zero questions. Those relatable work memes , anything hyper-topical, parenting memes. They're all pretty self-explanatory. Work sucks, bosses are terrible, parenting leads to lack of sleep, we all know the drill. We'd be remiss to not include that dogs and cats are cute. When the basicness of these memes gets to be dull, or we actually want to use our brains, we turn to history memes. While we're not history dunces, we can hardly pretend to be histo…
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A Joyous Jumble of Random Memes and Tweets

Heads up: I'm a millennial. As a small child I used to play in the dirt, create morbid stories starring my American Girl Dolls, and play old Star Wars games on the family PC. Memes didn't exist, and I didn't have access to the internet. Many Boomers take pride in the fact that their means of entertainment were extremely analog when they were youths, but I don't. It's actually my belief that memes would have enriched my younger days. I mean, it's obvious that being exposed to memes as a kid woul…
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A compilation of random memes that contain fun history and science jokes.

Memes That Educate And Entertain

The 1990s was the golden age of edutainment. I might be a little biased, but I wholeheartedly believe that The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye The Science Guy are the only reasons that there are any Millennial and Generation Z scientists. If your 5th-grade science teacher rolled out a big fat TV on a questionably secure cart, you knew you would have a fantastic day of learning (and not being able to get the Bill Nye theme song out of your head). Although the 90s produced some of the best edutainm…
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Refined Classical Art Memes For the Cultured Souls

Memes both cultured & dank
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A compilation of random memes, tweets, and tumblr posts.

Lethargic Memes To Curl Up With

Are you tired? Do you want to go back to bed? Are you a sleepy baby who doesn't want to go to your pathetic little job? Well, you don't have to! After all, you're a baby, with no responsibilities or bills or cleaning or anything to do except for consuming media. In fact, it looks like you're on the fast track to becoming an iPad baby. Do you know what an iPad baby is, you ignorant infant? An iPad baby is a gross toddler who can't look away from their filth-encrusted tablet for one second, even…
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History Teacher Has Students Make Memes For Extra Credit, Spicy Takes Ensue

No lies detected.
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Funny random memes

A Boatload of Memes With Something For Everyone

Congratulations, readers. You've survived the perils of Monday. While I, too, experienced that reluctant and sluggish submission to responsibilities, I also had a therapy session this morning. Which makes bending over for the man a little more tolerable. Instead of focusing on the time that's been spent on boring things like “work” and “chores,” it's important to be present and enjoy the moment, however possible. We've put together this big batch of memes with the intent of aiding you in that q…
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Funny history memes | American soldiers during D-Day be like: UNFAIR 5:04 This MG42 ruins everybodys game (Overpowered) NOVRITSCH 479K views 1 week ago | jesse pinkman breaking bad suffer small infection during American Civil War and guy comes way with saw and bottle whiskey @FreskyHistory are doing?

History Memes For Scholars of Humor

They're a blast from the past.
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Funny Mythology Memes That Expose the Gods' Toxic Behavior

The Disneyfication of Greek mythology in 1997 animation Hercules is pretty hilarious if you're familiar with the real (and very messed up) lore. In the movie, Zeus, Hera and Hercules are presented as one big wholesome family. The actual legend is full of adultery, violence, revenge, and terrible parenting. In the Disney movie, Hercules is the beloved child of Zeus and Hera. He is stripped of his immortality by Hades and forced to life as a mortal on earth. In the original myth, Hercules is not…
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Ancient History Memes That Find Humor In the Past

Ancient history and mythology is full of pain and tragedy, but we all know that where there's tragedy, there's humor. Throughout time, humans have laughed at their own cosmic misfortune. Sometimes, it's all we can do. We've collected some funny ancient history memes that poke fun at the past and cleverly reference significant moments in history.
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Math & Science Memes Full of Arithmetical Humor

There are three types of math geeks: the ones who are good at math, the vengeful ones who do math to epically own others, and the ones who study equations just so they can get the jokes in dank math memes. If we were to visualize these math geek subcategories using a three-set Venn-diagram, these dank math and science memes would lie right in the center. Before you go correcting my lazy logic, just know that I failed pre-calculus in high school. Anyway. Enjoy the memes, nerd.
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History Memes That Use the Past as a Punchline

We're probably not alone in feeling like history class is, well, ancient history at this point. While we enjoyed tales of social justice and exploration (and balked at tragic plagues and bloody wars), our brains haven't really held on to many of the details. Fortunately, history memes have a way of reminding us of all those sentences we highlighted in our textbooks. They provide us with the feeling of being smart as we recall the strategies of Genghis Khan, or revel in the fact that there was e…
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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Ancient Roman Memes For Bewaring The Ides Of March

Et tu, Brute?
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The Best Fresh History Memes This Week (March 9, 2022)

It is said that history repeats itself. And judging by the current turmoil in Russian and Ukraine, and the consistent shit show pretty much everywhere else, the statement does bear some truth. For all the world's technological advancements, hard-learned lessons, and brutal wars, we can't seem to get past the scourges of intolerance, hatred, and greed. While this senseless repetition is exhausting to witness in real time, it's a bit less torturous when it's expressed in the form of memes. Histor…
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Ukraine-Russia Conflict Memes for People Who Prefer to Laugh In the Midst of Crisis

What do we do in times of international crisis, impending doom, and possibly the threat of world war? Meme about it of course! If you haven't heard, there's trouble brewing (once again) in Eastern Europe as Russia gears up to "perform peacekeeping functions" in the separatist republics of eastern Ukraine . Plebs like us are mostly just confused, but that doesn't mean we can't make dumb jokes and memes about an international crisis whose complex history dates back to the Cold War. If you feel to…
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