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History Memes For Humor-Minded Buffs

It's easy to idealize the past when the present is, um, lacking. Maybe that's why nostalgia is so present in media. We're not just talking about those ‘90s kids memes . We're talking about all the music that
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Ancient Roman Memes Steeped In Historical Humor

Paging all history nerds! It should come as no surprise to any of our readers that we consider ourselves history (meme) buffs. We take great pleasure in serving up jokes that use the past as a punchline. The past, however, is a pretty broad designation of time. So we generally mix up memes that cover the horrors of World War II with the bizarre mindsets of the Medieval ages. These historical memes , however, are just a wee bit more specific than our usual galleries - and they are sure to please…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Wordy Memes For Whimsical Adults

I think that “ whimsical ” is one of the weirdest adjectives to self-identify as. Like, imagine just walking around describing yourself as a whimsical adult to unsuspecting strangers. Like what? It’s one of those qualities that are weird to advertise yourself as, but there are definitely people who are a little whimsical. They are the kinds of adults who are obsessed with dark Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan merchandise for some reason. They take the Renaissance fair more seriously than anyon…
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Spicy History Memes That Playfully Poke Fun At the Past

Many people say we're living in unprecedented times, but we imagine there have been more than several periods of history that felt charged with the same precarious energy. This may be our first time really getting those rights taken away from us, but we all know that it's happened before. Which is pretty damn backwards. We usually have a blast collecting history memes for galleries like this, but it's a bit more bittersweet now that we're dealing with situations that will be memed generations f…
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Funny history memes, lol, european history, war | MOND HEAL PA ALACK dy Saps tekst FLEX 'APE Naming colonial settlement British colonists 01BAL LACK "New" | cat: meo- ancient Egyptians blessing Lord!

Mostly-Fresh History Memes For Scholarly Scrollers

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A compilation of generally nerdy nerd memes about history, science, dungeons and dragons, and animals.

Nerdy Memes For Well Rounded Intellectuals

What does it mean to be a nerd ? We're certainly in a golden age of nerdiness; nerds are by no means such a prominent subject of ridicule as they were in the 80s. We've got way worse new groups like incels to take the brunt of criticism for being lame. Now, it seems like everybody wants to be a nerd, or at least everybody thinks they're a nerd. This might be partly caused by superhero movie fans thinking that liking Iron Man makes them part of a class of esoteric nerds that only the most intell…
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A compilation of Art History themed memes

Art History Memes For Masters of Realism

If you think about it, paintings were the original memes . Past painters made realistic depictions of people with all sorts of intentions in mind. Portraits, depictions of rural life, images from literature: whatever they meant to people in the 1800s doesn't matter that much. Now, they are prime fodder for memes. The expressions made by people in paintings are objectively funny. Their exaggerated or intentionally demure vibes make them the perfect subject for relatable memes. Even though I'm no…
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List of memes about history.

History Memes That May Launch You Back In Time

Unless you were blessed enough to go to school when “cool” gen X teachers used memes in their lectures while desperately trying to connect with the youngsters, it's novel to see memes used educationally. History and memes have some exciting things in common. Memes and history are constantly repeating themselves. Image macros Historical events occur, and most of them are quickly forgotten, with only a few juggernauts sticking in the public memory. If someone ran up to you on the street and asked
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History Memes For Folks Who Don't Want to Crack Any Books

You don't have to crack open a textbook or a non-fiction account of some historical event to indulge in a little history. Right now, it's perfectly understandable that any of us would want to escape the present with a little trip to the past. But what if we told you that the journey through time could be one that is humorous in nature? I know, we're blowing your minds right now. But it's true. All you have to do to enjoy some historical teachings and humor is scroll through some history memes .…
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A list of nerdy memes that cover natural science, world history, dinosaurs, and philosophy all with a funny twist.

A Dinosaur-Heavy Dump of Nerdy Memes

Dinosaurs might have gone extinct, but Dino memes are forever.
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Funny history memes

A Funny History Lesson Consisting of Referential Memes

It's absolutely accurate when people say the world is living in unprecedented times, but there have been more than a few eras of history that were blessed with the same insane and unsettling energy. As a generation, for many of us this may be our first or second time experiencing uncertainty and suffering - for some older people who may not meme, it could be the fourth or fifth. And while we aren't celebrating the pain or tragedies of previous decades or centuries, it's kind of nice to remember…
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A Selection of Funny History Memes That Paraphrase the Past

Whether you love to laugh at the past or fact-check dubious history memes in your spare time, we've got a bunch of amusing content right here for history buffs and novices alike.
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Hellenistic Memes for Ancient History Geeks

The socratic philosophers of ancient Greece weren't so different from us. If Diogenes were alive today, he'd probably be subtweeting Plato about his subpar interpretation of Socrates, and virtue signaling about his choice to live in poverty with stray dogs. Kanye and Kim's toxic relationship is just a contemporary version of Zeus and Hera. It's no wonder memes about classics and ancient history are popular—humans haven't really change that much. If you have a taste for history and humor, we've…
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A compilation of nerdy memes about Star Trek and Lord of the Rings

Nerdy Memes For Those Who Don't Not Identify With Young Sheldon

“You employed the use of a double negative in the title of this article. It shows a command of the English language that is subpar at best and frightening at worst.” If some variation of that thought ran through your head when you read this headline, you're a regular Young Sheldon. Or you're adult Sheldon; knowing pedantic weirdos, you're probably an adult Sheldon. Young Sheldon is at least cute enough to find slightly bemusing, but regular old elder millennial Sheldon can be a real irritating…
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A Handful of Spicy History and Anime Meme Mashups

Hello, hello, hello. We here at Memebase have got some good news for history enthusiasts who also happen to be people of culture. And if you're truly a man of culture you'll know we're talking about those of us who enjoy anime. Thanks to the incredibly specific r/HistoryAnimemes community, there's a relatively unknown hub of hilarious and spicy history meme/ anime meme mashups—basically the best of both worlds. As is the case with most history memes, some of them are a bit depressing or spicy i…
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A Handful of History Memes for Buffs With a Sense of Humor

It is time for a history lesson! Do you know anything about the origin of the memes you consume to make life more tolerable? The truth is that memes aren't just funny pictures you find on Reddit or Memebase. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins originally introduced the term "meme" back in 1976, and it obviously had nothing to do with the internet A meme, by Dawkins' definition (via the Oxford Dictionary) is "An element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another…
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