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25+ Medieval Memes For Knights in Shining Armor And Princesses Locked in Towers

I wish we had more insight into what people actually looked like during the Medieval era. I love the medieval films of Roger Cormac as much as anybody ( The Masque of the Red Death was my favorite Halloween 2023 watch), but unfortunately, 1960s movies probably do not represent the Dark Ages uber accurately. We don't have as much of a record of what people in the Middle Ages dressed in or valued in appearances when compared with the Renaissance or other later eras. The art is less realistic, so…
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27 Strange and Silly Excerpts From the Depths of Wikipedia

Citation needed
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Facts Redditors Were Taught in Grade School That Turned out to Be Utter Phooey

Sending an angry letter to my 3rd grade teacher
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The Week's Best Classical Art Memes for High Brow Chucklers (November 12, 2023)

*Swirls wine glass*
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25 History Memes for Online History Buffs

This ain't no Trojan horse
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Meme About What Millennials Have Lived Through Sparks Debate on How Hard Younger Generations Have It

There were worse times in history
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Mexican Aliens, Love Surges, and Thoughts of Ancient Rome

Plus, the politics of online snitching.
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"Ladies, you do not realise how often men think about the Roman Empire": Trend Has Women Realizing the Men in Their Lives Can't Stop Thinking About Ancient Rome

Julius Caesar is still THAT girl
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Gen Z and Millennials Boggle at Nostalgic Home Video Showing Off $5000 TV on New Year's Eve 1999

Damn, you lived like this?
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34 Ancient History Memes For Actual Smart People

It's all just a little bit of history repeating
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Internet Posts, Promises, and Proclamations That Aged Like Milk

While the things that lead up to trends and historical events seem obvious in retrospect, predicting things that haven't happened yet is much more challenging than it might seem. People shouldn't be so arrogant when they make overconfident and often pessimistic forecasts about the future, because no one can foretell the exact course of events. When you are correct, you may appear to be a big shot, but tweet something that ages like milk and you may end up on a list just like this. We've gathere…
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Less Than 95 Medieval Memes to Post on the Church Door

Reformation type beat
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Ancient Egypt Memes For Amateur Egyptologists Who Can Rattle Off King Tut Facts Like Nobodies Business

Dancin' by the Nile, ladies like his style, he ate a crocodile
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25+ Medieval Memes For Mead-Eating Knights, Jesters, And Princesses on Their Way to Medieval Times

I am a sucker for Medieval Times . I know that it is lowkey a scam that is not worth the nearly $100 price tag, but I do not care. Every time I drive by a Medival Times restaurant, my heart sings with happiness. My parents live like 5 minutes away from one of those giant castles on the side of the freeway, and if I were them, I would be going to that bad boy constantly. I don't think Medieval Times has a season pass like Disneyland or Six Flags does, but it darn well should. Even though eating…
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The 31 Funniest Classical Art Memes That Illustrate Human Funnies (July 27, 2023)

The 31 Funniest Classical Art Memes That Illustrate Human Funnies

LOLs in human
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Funny memes about history

History Memes For Anyone Avoiding the Present

History lesson time! Today we're going to discuss the origin of memes. Yes, internet memes. Why am I differentiating the two? Well, it's because the term “meme” was first used by Richard Dawkins in 1976 - and wasn't about the internet. A meme, by Dawkins' definition (via the Oxford Dictionary) is “An element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.” It's all about the transmission of ideas. Some great historical examples…
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