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Lucky's A Clever One

Girl makes her senior quote a scene from Stranger Things where Dustin says, "Son of a bitch. You're really no help at all, you know that?"
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C'mon Teachers, We're Waiting!

Student gave the teacher an anniversary cake after three months passed and the essays still hadn't been graded


Funyn meme about school.
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12 Savage Senior Pranks That Will Go Down In History

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KEziah's prom dress controversy, twitter memes, my culture is not your goddamn prom dress, high school, chinese prom dress, racist, cultural appropriation.

Chinese Prom Dress Backlash Tweet Has Inspired Some Spicy Parodies

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Seriously, Go Away PPL!!

Photo of a crowd of people running in the same direction
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Startin To Think Math Class Was A Scam

"Another day has passed and I haven't used Pythagoras theorem"
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20 Of The Worst School Photos You've Ever Seen

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Twitter Is Super Pissed About This White Girl Who Wore A Chinese Dress To Prom

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33 Grade A Sh*tposts To Distract You From Reality

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9 Hilarious Times People Were 'Legally Allowed To Leave'

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So Slick

Funny meme about weird bike with a shoppoing cart attached.
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Funny meme about how scart it would be to be in a dimly lit Walmart surrounded by people you haven't seen since High School.
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Collection of funny High School yearbook quotes and captions.

14 Amusing Yearbook Photos and Quotes

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Break Time: 21 Fresh and Funny Memes

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Watching This High School Student Explain How Lion King Ripped Off The Matrix Is Way More Entertaining Than Expected

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