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He's Just So Versatile

Text that reads, "Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing; Also me: ..." above a pic of Elon Musk's face photoshopped to look like a musket called an 'Elon Musket'
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Funny high school analogies from essays.

21 Hilarious Analogies Used In Real High School Essays

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Uh Oh

Caption that reads, "You know when you in an exam, and you see everyone using a ruler and you don't know what the ruler is for" above pics of a guy looking sad
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edgy gen z memes | Person - Yeah! love ASMR .ctively S.eeking M.ore R.anch 's so Soothing | Ball - gabbie @gabbiejarvis absolutely loved growing up 00s without an iPhone, nowadays kids won't know feeling going home after school watching Suite life Zack and Cody with packet crisps and then playing club penguin on computer before tea

17 Edgy Gen Z Memes That Only The Kids Will Understand

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Funny meme about high school, running away from people from high school.
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'Oh Heeyy, Great To See You!'

Object-label meme where a woman sitting at a desk represents "Me," the guy standing in the front of the image represents "Friend I haven't seen in years," and gift he's holding represents "Pyramid scheme"
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Two High School Guys Get Into Beef Over A Girl In This Hilarious Twitter Saga

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Caption that reads, "When the teacher thinks you aren't listening and asks you a question but you get it right" above some pics of an old lady break-dancing
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Funny meme about high school
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11 People Give Life Advice To Their Cringey 16-Year-Old Selves

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Aww Buddy

Senior quote in a yearbook that reads, "Life is a party and I'm the pinata"
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That There's The Devil's Locker

Snapchat caption that reads, "I go to a Catholic school" over a picture of locker 665 next to locker 667
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funny pics pop culture celeb high school funny tweets funny twitter sacha baron cohen Michael Scott the rock kim kardashian star wars cardi b Princess Leia the incredibles - 6728453

High Schoolers Are Dressing Up As Ridiculous Celebrities For Their Senior Photos

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Doctors Hate Them!

Pic of a kid, who represents 'doctors' running away from another kid, representing 'apples' who appears to be levitating toward him down a school hallway
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Just. Stop.

Caption that reads, "When that one person everyone hates in class starts talking" above a pic of a bunch of Spongebob characters looking annoyed
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Godspeed, Teachers

AskReddit thread asking teachers what the difference is between their students from 1997, 2007 and 2017 students - teacher replies that in '97 it was note-passing, '07 was texting, and '17 was watching Netflix in class
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