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27 Random Memes That Are Pretty Damn On-Point

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Doctors Hate Them

Object-label meme where a dolphin that represents "Apples" is swimming toward a scared-looking kid, who represents "Doctors"
Via goofygoofygoofygooberrock

I Just Can't Figure It Out

Eric Andre meme where he shoots 'a healthy sleeping schedule' and can't figure out why he's always tired
Via ThatWeirdPotterhead

This Dieting Thing Isn't So Bad!

Text conversation where someone fools their friend into thinking they're eating healthy when they're really eating frozen pizza
Via dailyalcoholic

Aww Man

Text that reads, "Over the past year I've taken so many 'before' pictures of my body while telling myself I'm going to start working out, I basically just have a slideshow of me getting fatter"
Via SirBobert

Complete And Utter BS

Tweet that reads, "I'm starving and all I have is a refrigerator full of health food. I hate who I was four days ago"
Via mkUltra79
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If You're a Goat, Go for What Ever Is Near By

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Sickeningly Spot-On

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Tacos Are Healthy!

healthy awesome love funny - 8466412800
Created by Unknown

Always Eat Healthy

healthy cheetah food funny - 8374552064
Created by Unknown

Delicious and Healthy

donuts funny healthy - 8264021248
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But They're So Delicous

healthy heart pancakes funny bacon - 8063299072
Created by Unknown

What's the Point

healthy depressing Death funny - 7997657088
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Being Healthy Includes Staying Alive

just girly things healthy zombie running funny - 7847188224
Created by tiggerzdad