I Smell a Promotion!

alcohol beauty health promotion well done wine you had one job - 6571020544
By rekoon

The Most Delicious Protest of All

eating health Michelle Obama paul ryan - 6521090560
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I Don't Need No Dang Coins

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By Unknown

Make Friends!

health - 6351895808
By gingerbearddan

Pit... You Should Stop Doing That

gifs health ice cream kid icarus pit - 6275913984
By Chuster

Portion Sizes Have Grown, and So Have We

best of week fast food health Line Graph obesity - 6260299264
Via The Atlantic

I Had No Idea Tanning Caused Brain Damage

cancer health Rage Comics - 6213725440
By Unknown

Know Your Sweeteners

food health infographic sugar - 6213991168
By llamatron (Via Medical Insurance)

You've Got Maybe Two Days Left

gas health Yahoo Answer Fails - 4430251264
By spiffysparrow

Actual Drugs Don't Count

health smoking venn diagram - 5748788480
By jimmyg100

10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Lifespan

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Via Pleated Jeans

Kim Jong Un-healthy

health kim jong-un Memes North Korea twinkies - 6129812736
By urkelbot666

I Think This Makes My Hard Drive the Fountain of Youth

girls health heart live forever raisins-super-fuuuu - 6133923328
By CaptainRepost

Dumbledore's Advice

comic Harry Potter health - 6104351744
By Unknown

Do You Still Want That Gallon Mug of Coke

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By Unknown

I'm Glad You Washed It Down with a Shamrock Shake

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