Who Needs Questions? Just Do It

Text - Questions to ask yourself before eating a 15 pound cheeseburger Am I really that hungry, or should order the 12 pound cheese burger? Does it come with fries? Would it be easier to order 60 quarter pounders? Can I get it on a low- carb bun? How expensive is it to be buried in a piano case?
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Higher the Education, Better the Lifestyle

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Twenty-Seven Foods That Want to Make You Obese

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Six Things Your Brain Won't Tell You

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First World Grocery Problems

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What Are These Torture Instruments?

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So Many Feels...

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Cycle of Sickness

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He's Just Prescient

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I Smell a Promotion!

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The Most Delicious Protest of All

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I Don't Need No Dang Coins

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Make Friends!

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Pit... You Should Stop Doing That

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