Hay is for horses, don't forget that.

Hey, Do You Mind Sharing?

hay sharing gifs critters horses - 8563421184
Created by Unknown

What If You Combined a Spider And a Tractor?

hay tractor mindwarp gifs spider - 8508167936
Created by Unknown

I Can't Bear This Hay

hay gifs bears critters cute - 8444456704
Created by Unknown

Like a Big Mechanical Spider

hay mindwarp gifs tractors - 7994787328
Created by Unknown

Lady is a Tractor

farming hay gifs funny win - 7598652928
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Live Leak )

I'm Done Horsing Around!

gifs hay literalism double meaning - 6877902848
Created by Unknown

Everybody's Writing a Christmas Carol and I'm Just Sitting Here...

hay Spider-Man jingle memes - 6880217088
Created by IndigoRush101

Some Even Say He Was Made for It!

double meaning Hall of Fame hay homophones jeans job literalism scarecrow - 6357147136
Via Punblr


cow hay ludacris Memes moo puns - 6247041792
Created by mentallyobese

If I Only Had a Brain for Puns

hay Memes pants puns scarecrow straw - 6234974464

You Now Have That Riff Stuck in Your Head

double meaning Hall of Fame hay jimi hendrix literalism - 6040815616
Created by xyzpdq1

Sup Dude

hay high koala Memes - 5934712320
Created by Unknown

And What About Buddhist Bale?

bale christian christian bale double meaning hay jewish literalism symbol - 5312476416
Created by urkelbot666


bale christian christian bale cross double meaning Hall of Fame hay literalism symbol - 5259398144
Created by Unknown

Reframe: SpongeBob Accepted

Challenge Accepted hay Insanity Wolf needle SpongeBob SquarePants television - 5024734208
Created by Unknown


double meaning hay literalism meme - 4899793152
Created by acaudel
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