Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

The Hidden Cons of Prophylactics

Hall of Fame headline innuendo load newspaper spill truck - 5967371264
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Awww, You Shouldn't Have!

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism sweet tooth - 6478550784
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awesome Celebrity Edition Hall of Fame mythbusters science - 3512168704
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This Cloud Totally Looks Like Lion Cub

cloud funny Hall of Fame lion TLL - 6169847296
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But Not the Kind I Like

bottle double meaning Hall of Fame literalism scotch tape - 5068716032
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But My Arms Are Getting Tired!

Hall of Fame horse horses idiom literalism - 5176285184
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When You're Having Fun?

adage clock flies Hall of Fame literalism shape time time flies - 5365404928
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Fus RoHoHo Dah

christmas santa Skyrim g rated Hall of Fame best of week - 6871233280
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"I Figured Out Where Babies Come From!"

pregnancy kate middleton prince william Parenting FAILS Hall of Fame best of week - 6843707904
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Rudolph Plays Only the Deadliest of Reindeer Games

reindeer holidays sketchy santas Hall of Fame best of week - 6824327936
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Hall of Fame best of week - 45176065

Even on the News, There's Such a Thing as Too Much Information

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Believing The Onion FAIL

kim jong-un news the onion North Korea Hall of Fame best of week - 6815656192

Needs More Hot Air FAIL

politics election 2012 irony Mitt Romney best of week Hall of Fame - 6695991808
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WIN!: Ayyy Sexy Latte WIN

art best of week coffee Hall of Fame latte psy - 6616579072
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Fresco Chango!

best of week Hall of Fame Nailed It - 6532025856
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Pig Latin

double meaning Hall of Fame latin literalism pig - 6497270016
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