Funny Tweets roasting Elon Musk's new haircut, Miami, the fifth element, jean-baptiste zorg, art basel

Elon Musk's Haircut is Giving Supervillain and People Are More Than Happy to Roast It

It's giving...Zorg
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Woman Naps With Guinea Pig, Things Take A Turn For The Worse

She got bored
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20+ People Whose Hairdressers Should Be Fired

No-one wielding scissors should be given this much power.
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Barber Shares Humorous, Glowing Review Of His Afro Shaping Skills

"I gotcha G".
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Man Discovers Amusing Hair Stylist Photo, Everyone Is Convinced It’s Melissa McCarthy

Hair stylists and barbers are no stranger to advertising their results. When you’re entrusting a stranger with something as important as your hair, you want to know that they’re going to do the best job possible. While your main concern might be whether you’re likely to leave the salon crying or not, closer examination can sometimes reveal some unexpected Easter eggs. This was the case for @lvteef , who ran into an entertaining entry in a salon’s online photo gallery while looking for a place t…
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bad haircuts, haircut fail, fail, funny hairstyles, hair, barber, haircut, funny pics, funny memes, memes | This my mother's attempt at fade prayers all men getting home haircuts during quarantine quarantinehaircut | classic 80s hair

20 People With Impressively Cursed Hairstyles

What were their hairdressers going for?
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Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Gave my man a quarantine fade" above photos of a guy's terrible haircut
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Just Don't Care Anymore

Funny meme that reads, "How people be coming out of quarantine after not seeing a barber for months" above images of different Spongebob characters with overgrown facial hair
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Funny memes and tweets about 'Stranger Things' actor Joe Keery's terrible haircut

Steve From 'Stranger Things' Got An Abhorrent Haircut (12 Reactions)

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Dad Takes Cat To The Groomer, Comes Back With A Stupid-Looking Accordion

Dad Takes Cat To The Groomer, Comes Back With A Stupid-Looking Accordion

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28 Times Visionary Barbers Said 'Say No More Fam'

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15 Smug Hipster Memes And Posts That Are, Like, Totally Ironic

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Tweet that reads, "LMFAO you literally have a man bun" above a pic of a guy's profile with another guy's heading popping up, which looks like a man bun
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Yeah, Oddly Accurate...

Tumblr user posts, "What is the difference between falling in love and having a crush?" someone replies, "If they get a haircut and they're ugly it's a crush"
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bad haircuts, post malone.

33 People Who Should Fire Their Hairdressers Immediately

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The Beatles Had Jokes

Reporter tells John Lennon that The Beatles had haircuts that were "un-American" and John Lennon replies with, "Well, it was very observant of them because we aren't American, actually"
Via NotDan1138
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