I'm green with envy. Not to be mistaken with blue da ba dee da ba dai. 

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39 Dank Ecology Memes For Earth Day Scrolling

Happy Earth Day
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All The Green Guys Accounted For

Funny meme showing a chart of splicings between Shrek, Kermit, Baby Yoda, and Mike from Monsters Inc.
Via thememerman124

How Considerate Of Them!

Pic of a green truck parked in front of a sign that reads, "Reserved for green vehicles"
Via moghees

Thanks, McDonalds!

Funny meme about McDonald's making straws out of ivory.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Hot Take

Funny meme about smoking being good for the environment because it kills humans
Via vera0507

Spooky Poop of the Day: Burger King's Black Burger Turns Your Feces Green and Now We Know Why

Gizmodo found out why Burger King's black burger turns your poop green.
Via Gizmodo

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Via Pie Comic


green greenland Iceland - 4669261312

The Green Should Be Bigger

green lego funny Pie Chart - 8441391360
By Unknown

What Terrible Denial

green paper bag funny - 8335995648
By Unknown

Doesn't That Turn You Blue?

green nicki minaj funny frog - 8319539456
By kaya2209

Perhaps She's Not Feeling Well

green nicki minaj funny frog - 8300849920
By Unknown

Genghis Khan Was an Eco-Warrior

green khan funny - 8210097920
By Unknown

Something Seems Wrong Here

cups funny green jerks red after 12 - 8017200896
By Unknown

This Polished Rock Slab Totally Looks Like Greenish Bacon

bacon funny rocks green totally looks like - 7900351744
By HectorPlasma

Very Energy Efficient

green dogs funny - 4006442496
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