Giza: An In-Depth Analysis

Giza Pyramid ironic pie chart

The Cost of Educating a Child vs. The Price of Housing a Prisoner in The US

Animated GIF that compares charts of the cost of educating child VS. the cost to house a prisoner. Wake up sheeple?
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You Can't Deny the Math

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American Cities: More Productive Than Many Countries Out There

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A Historical Look at Tax Rates

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Beer Prices by NFL Stadium in 2014

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An Odd Moment in The History of Watches

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The Perspective of Those on Top is Often Marred by Distance

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It's All About the Little Things

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Reasons to Like France

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How Rich People Get Rich

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Something Doesn't Add Up

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He's The Only One

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Now You Know, Ladies

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That Delicious Syrup

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Visualization of the Average NFL Broadcast

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