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These Adorably Sappy Comics About Married Life Will Really Trigger Anyone Who's Single

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Funny and cringey memes about marriage.

21 Cringey Marriage Memes That Will Make You Wanna Stay Single

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Collection of funny and sometimes sad web comics detailing the struggles of freelance graphic designers.

These Comics Perfectly Describe The Struggles of Freelance Designers

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She's Really Making It "Pop"

Funny meme about graphic design being this girl's passion, she's written hoe on her computer.
Via god

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A Well-Deserved Award

graphic design comic sans - 7168115200
Created by Unknown

Graphic Design Fail

Beef chicken genius graphic design - 6537171200
Created by dee_snutz

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

graphic design IRL sign - 6470270720
Created by Unknown

Making Memes Is an Art Form

art facebook graphic design How People View Me internet memebase meta - 5843682560
Created by frmjewduhh

Comic Sans Be Damned

comic sans fonts graphic design Occupy Wall Street - 5365339136
Created by Unknown

How They View Me: I Do Work on Websites No One Visits

animemes graphic design Hipster Kitty how they view me - 4952747008
Created by KelRen
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