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25 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (February 18, 2024)

Dumb human moments
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25 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild (February 11, 2024)

One job…
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24 Wacky Design Fails Found in the Wild (February 4, 2024)

Someone cooked here
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25 Baffling Design Choices Found in the Wild

You literally had one job
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30 Hilariously Absurd Signs Found in the Wild

This is your sign
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40 Humorously Preposterous Signs Found in the Wild

I saw the sign
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24 Lackadaisical Design Choices That Baffle the Mind

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25 Times Designers Were Asleep at the Wheel

Brb pushing a pull door
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'RIP Graphic Designers': New Meme Pokes Fun at Tacky Logos Produced by Artificial Intelligence

Graphic design is not AI's passion
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Graphic Design Memes For Frustrated Designers

"That makes money, right?"
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computer-art disney animation artist cinderella viral-artist 101 dalmations art-design The Little Mermaid graphic design Disney-Adults disney villains tiktok - 2033671

Artist Transforms Infamous Disney Villains to Show What They Looked Liked Before They Became "Old and Evil"

And people are commenting their theories on what happened to these characters that forced them into their villain era.
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Elon Musk Accuses Former Twitter Employee of Faking Disability

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Funny and dirty design fails

Spicy Design Fails That Are Worthy of Double Takes

It's easy to complain about the state of design these days. It seems like the graphic designers of the world got together to make everything as bland or amorphous as possible. Logos have been stripped down to look as basic as they come, and most graphics, especially of people, resemble abstract art or single-celled organisms more than they do humans. It kind of makes the design world, and media in general, feel a lot more boring. That said, there are definitely some exceptions, and they're not…
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Funny Graphic Designer Memes For Frustrated Artistic Types

Style over substance
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Infuriating Design Fails That Are Both Dumb and Impractical

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Funny tweets and jokes about Lewd Logo for women's network in australian prime minister's department

Phallic Logo for 'Women's Network' Goes Viral, Inspires Thread of Lewd Design

Ever see a logo that looks incredibly inappropriate and makes you wonder “Did they mean to do that?” These questionable designs come to mind. When the logo is for a chicken restaurant, or even a urologist, we can enjoy a light chuckle and move on with it. But when, say, a logo resembles a phallus, and is promoting a business or initiative that is specifically geared towards women, it's going to cause something of hilarious uproar.
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