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Infuriating Design Fails That Are Both Dumb and Impractical

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Funny tweets and jokes about Lewd Logo for women's network in australian prime minister's department

Phallic Logo for 'Women's Network' Goes Viral, Inspires Thread of Lewd Design

Ever see a logo that looks incredibly inappropriate and makes you wonder “Did they mean to do that?” These questionable designs come to mind. When the logo is for a chicken restaurant, or even a urologist, we can enjoy a light chuckle and move on with it. But when, say, a logo resembles a phallus, and is promoting a business or initiative that is specifically geared towards women, it's going to cause something of hilarious uproar.
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design fail, crappy design, cursed design, cursed images, fail, facepalm, cringe, bad photoshop, funny fails, architecture, graphic design, memes, funny pics, lol | step on a staircase split in the middle | bike parking rack too tight to fit the bicycle wheel

Perplexing Examples Of Infuriating Design

The torment almost seems intentional
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Funny and cringey design fails featuring phallic and sexual looking logos | TM Dirty Bird FRIED CHICKEN | State Vermont PURE MAPLE SYRUP

20+ Hilariously Questionable Logo Designs

Just wow.
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Funny and spicy graphic design fails | red shirt with a baseball bat drawing and the writing SUPER HITTERS which can also be read as SHITTERS | fried chicken leg with the bone part looking like testicles

27 Spicy & Silly Design Fails

Shoulda thought these through.
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20 Examples Of Total Jerks Designing Things

Design decisions that filled us with rage
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Funny tweets about CIA's funny website rebrand, web design, graphic design, music, electronic music, edm | CIA about to get a 5.2 for its sophomore album on Pitchfork after its debut got a 10.0 and was lauded as the future of synthwave alex @shitshowdotinfo lmfao the cia rebrand is a fucking gold mine | CIAs new branding is like Captain Planet but when they put their rings together, they summon a swarm of drones that begin killing any civilians nearby

23 Roasty Tweets About The CIA's Painfully Hip Rebrand

Are they trying to recruit Zoomers?
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design fails | two different billboards placed on top of each other: Childhood obesity. Don't take lightly Food Stamps can help. Call 1-888-328-3483 see if quality my kinda shoppin' spree. McDonald's. funeral wreaths: Fourth July is Thursday, July 4.

22 Design Fails By Dummies Who Only Had One Job

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funny Honest Logos that will shame people, netflix is nosleepnosex, Viktor Herz.

24 'Honest Logos' That'll Trigger Most Consumers

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Photoshop trolling from JAmes Fridman.

15 Brilliant Photoshop Trolls From The Masterful James Fridman

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marriage adorable relatable comics cute relationships couples Israel graphic design married web comics instagram single sappy - 7206405

These Adorably Sappy Comics About Married Life Will Really Trigger Anyone Who's Single

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Funny and cringey memes about marriage.

21 Cringey Marriage Memes That Will Make You Wanna Stay Single

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Collection of funny and sometimes sad web comics detailing the struggles of freelance graphic designers.

These Comics Perfectly Describe The Struggles of Freelance Designers

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She's Really Making It "Pop"

Funny meme about graphic design being this girl's passion, she's written hoe on her computer.
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