Grandma Means Business

Meme showing an old lady riding her scooter on the freeway to bring to go cook for her grandkids
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Congratulations, Dane!

Funny meme about a kid getting a youtube subscriber and its his grandma.
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Moderation? What's That?

funny meme about cooking too much food, grandma.
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The Worst

Funny meme about how annoying it is to give tech support to your granny.
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Classic Grandma

Funny meme about how grandmas won't accept "i'm not hungry" as an option.
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Classic Grandma

Funny meme about grandmas using cookie tins for stuff in their houses.
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Don't Spend It All In One Place

Funny meme of a guy who looks like a statue is slyly passing him money, compares it to when grandmas sneak you a couple bills.
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Stay Vigilant

Dark but funny cartoon about someone who doesn't want to accept candy crush invite on phone even though grandma is dying.
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thanksgiving grandma vegan Video - 83416321

If Your Grandma Was This Savage About Her Cooking You'd Probably Be More Willing to Try Her Weird Vegan Thanksgiving Roast

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Never Grow Up

candy childhood grandma web comics - 8793396480
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Now She Refuses to Drink Anything but Faygo

image icp grandma Now She Refuses to Drink Anything but Faygo
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cat photoshop battle

This Expertly Timed Photo of a Grandma Shooing a Cat Away Got a Photoshop Battle Worthy of Its Perfection

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Did She Just Share That to Facebook?

web comics nudity grandma Did She Just Share That to Facebook?
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The Real Greeting Card Grandma

greeting cards grandma parenting - 8969449216
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Just Your Everyday, Heartfelt Grandmotherly Tale

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Aw Yee, Granny's Still Got It

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