She Can't Handle the News

eaten grandma heart attack - 8444975360
By Unknown

Granny Wants Me Dead!

grandma aging - 8437692928
By norman.hutton.9

I Guess You Could Say Her Visit Was *Puts on Sunglasses* a Cat-tastophy

rage grandma Cats - 8430732544
By Unknown

This Internet Safety Poster Took an Unexpected Turn

racism school grandma - 8120381184

It's the Thought...?

card grandma - 8416466176
By Unknown

Good Old Granny

nothing to do here technology phone grandma - 8412835840
By Eitix16

Grandma's Christmas

christmas apps grandma holidays web comics - 8409456128
Via St. Beals

Is That What Messages Are Used For?

phone grandma voicemail message - 8401811456
By Unknown

Please Do What You Can to Help

retweets grandma texting - 8402355712

Whatever it Is, I Bet its Good

guns wtf grandma toast funny - 8394348800
By Unknown

Thanks, Grandma...

rage grandma food eating - 8374635776
By Unknown

Thanks, Grandma...

grandma cookies - 8373537280


drugs accident grandma weed funny - 8369150720
By Unknown

Little Red Riding Hood's Observational Humor

Little Red Riding Hood grandma web comics - 8362089984
Via Pie Comic

Dude Your Grandma Is Crazy

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By Unknown

One Cheap Old Lady

grandma cheap funny - 8356102656
By Unknown