It's An Entertaining Thought For Sure

Funny tweet that reads, "The funniest part of this Area 51 thing to me is realizing somewhere in the Pentagon had to explain to a general what a Naruto run is with a straight face"
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Funny memes about "Storm Area 51" Facebook group

'Storm Area 51' Is The Internet's 'Brainiest' New Idea

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This Is Some Bullsh*t

Tweet exemplifying the absurdity of how taxes work in America
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political memes government shutdown

14 Spicy Government Shutdown Memes For The Frustrated American

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Sign that reads, "Birds aren't real - Wake up, California, birds = government surveillance drone"
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trump michael cohen memes

Amusing Michael Cohen Memes That Are Guilty As Charged

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Every Damn Time

Funny comic about how you look in real life vs in the photo for your drivers license.
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Eenie, Meenie, Miney...

Funny meme about the government playing wheel of fortune with our rights.
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This Is What's Wrong With Our Government

government jail Memes fart - 9080477184
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Highly Suspect

Funny meme about the government hiding stuff from us.
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Gym at the Pentagon Couldn't Have a Better Pokémon to Represent the U.S. Government

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Government vs Climate Change

government climate change web comics - 8801697280
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The Long Arm of the Government

liberals government politics - 8757529344
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Instead Of Catching Up, They Want Everyone Else To Slow Down

government politics hacking - 8752463872
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government IRL floppy disk america Video - 76325377

Good Grief, the American Government Still Uses Floppy Disks

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Anyone Who's Decalcified Their Pineal Gland Will Get This Joke

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