Sad But True

Funny meme about sad people becuase women poop.
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Funny meme about moms.
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Mystery: Solved

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This Meme Never Gets Old

Funny meme about farting.
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It's Hard Out There For A Dweeb

Photo of an Asian boy talking about how he doesn't see girls as people
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Funny memes and web comics about girls, women, relationships.

16 Funny Comics Most Women Will Relate To

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how to pick up girls online

The Ultimate Guide To Picking Up Girls Online

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Twitter asks people to name a badder bitch than Taylor swift, girl power, strong women of history.

Twitter User Gets Schooled After Asking People To Name A Badder B*tch Than Taylor Swift

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Funny meme about dogs dating.
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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme suggesting that when women go to the bathroom together they are worshiping Satan.
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Collection of chubby bubbles girl memes for her memeversary, photoshop meme.

Happy Memeversary, Chubby Bubbles Girl!

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Funny memes to get you through the day all the way till breakfast. After that you are on your own.

30 Saucy Memes To Get Your Weekend Going

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Expect the Worst

Funny meme about normal girls vs weird girls hiking.
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funny memes

Lunch Break: 19 Memes to Satisfy Your Cravings

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She's a Keeper

Funny meme saying that the perfect girl is half woman and half golden retriever (dog.)
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So Cute, OMG

Funny "just girly things" meme about when boys do a "half smile" - the lower panel is showing signs of a stroke - the medical issue.
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